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Twice Togel Singapore as Many Poker Tables in California than in Nevada



Nevada has much fewer tables than California! The recent survey finds over 1200 Poker tables at California Casinos and Card Clubs and less than 600 in Nevada.


(PRWEB) April 3, 2005 — Twice as many Poker Tables in California than in Nevada.Nevada has much fewer tables than California! The recent survey finds over 1200 Poker tables at California Casinos and Card Clubs. The latest survey found 561 poker tables at over 70 locations in Nevada. Poker Usa lists all the casinos and card clubs in Nevada.




The casinos in Nevada with the most tables include Bellagio with 55, Mirage with 31, Orleans with 23, Excalibur Hotel & Casino with 20 and Binion’s Horseshoe Hotel And Casino with 20. The Nevada casino review has listings for all of the Casinos and Poker Tables in Nevada: http://www.pokerc.com/casinos-usa/Nevada-casinos.htm


Nevada has much fewer tables than California! The recent survey finds over 1200 Poker tables at California Casinos and Card Clubs. The top poker casinos in California are Commerce Casino in Commerce has 150 poker tables, Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens has 100 poker tables, Crystal Park Casino Hotel in Compton has 70 poker tables, Hawaiian Gardens Casino in Hawaiian Gardens has 69 poker tables, Hollywood Park – Casino in Inglewood has 66 poker tables, Normandie Casino in Gardena has 53 poker tables, Ocean’s Eleven Casino in Oceanside has 40 poker tables, Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula has 37 poker tables, Club One Casino in Fresno has 35 poker tables, Bay 101 Casino in San Jose has 30 poker tables, Hustler Casino in Gardena has 30 poker tables, Garden City Casino in San Jose has 30 poker tables. The complete list is at http://www.pokerc.com/casinos-usa/California-Casinos.asp.


SportsCrewPoker.com Releases the Most Comprehensive Poker Calendar Ever Published



Attn. Poker Players: SportsCrewPOKER.com brings to you a thoroughly comprehensive list of all free-roll, online, and land based poker tournaments. Keeping up with all poker events at all levels has never been this easy and convenient!


Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 2, 2005 – Poker is everywhere, you turn on the TV and there you can see poker being played for astronomical amounts of money. Poker rooms across America are seeing record highs in registered players, books on it are being sold –edition after edition- on the Internet and in book stores, the web is flooded with poker; it is in magazines, newspapers… you can even buy little electronic poker games in every Walmart store across the nation.


“It is believed that by 2008, online Togel Singapore poker will have reported a total turnover of over $250 Billion and that mark might be pushed up to $275 Billion by 2012. And what really blows my mind is that an estimated 40 million to 50 million Americans play non-Internet Poker recreationally… again, that is off-line poker”, says R.J. Bergh, SportsCrew.com Poker Manager and professional poker player. He goes on saying: “We have created this Poker Calendar, so that everybody can find what they need in one place. We have listed all free-roll, all online, and all land based poker tournaments; and if you are with a poker room or a casino, you can enter any unlisted event and your event will be listed in 24 hours. This calendar is designed to be the place to go online if you want to know what’s up in poker”


As a poker player, now you can have access to the most comprehensive list of poker events with this calendar, including the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour and all the satellite tournaments. As an operator you have an invaluable, interactive tool to get your event promoted at no cost at all. See it for yourself: http://www.sportscrew.com/pokerpages/tournament_calendar/tournament_calendar.php


About R.J. Bergh: being an avid poker player with over 7 years experience at the felt, R.J. fell into his dream job 2 years ago when he joined SportsCrew. Rubbing shoulders with the country’s top poker players, covering the top poker tournaments, and traveling to some of the top casinos in the world is all in a days work for Mr. Bergh. R.J., the Poker Manager for SportsCrew lends his knowledge and expertise in gaming as a content contributor for both the Poker website section and Poker News monthly publication


SportsCrew is a high-traffic sports and poker portal (6,362 Alexa Ranking) that focuses its resources on the promotion and expansion of the online poker and gaming industry through print media, broadcast media, website marketing, guerrilla marketing strategies and live-event sponsorships.

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Destiny vs. The Division: Whats the better shooter Bitcoin Dice game?



First-person or third-person? Gritty realism or Technicolor space-opera? Tactical scope, or magical long-bow? Now that it’s out, it’s time to rake The Division over the comparison coals and finally work out this whole ‘Is it better than Destiny?’ thing once and for all. Because come on, Ubisoft. You put out an MMO shooter with a (nearly) single-word title beginning with ‘D’. You know you were asking for this.


For the sake of fairness, I’ll be running both games through the same comparison criteria, covering all of the major design elements they share – so no stacking the odds by asking which game has better hellspawn moon-monsters. Where relevant, I’ll also reference the differing amounts of time both games have been out, and any of Destiny’s past transgressions that we’ve all conveniently forgotten about, having reached the promised land of Year Two. Sound good? Then let’s go.


Shooting fundamentals


Destiny’s core shooting is unsurpassed. The product of 15 years’ experience in making console FPS feel just right, it’s tuned up to perfection. The weight, the momentum, the weapon feedback, the sheer, hefty smoothness of it all … whatever activity you’re partaking in, you can be sure that the moment to moment experience will feel great. That’s arguably how Destiny managed to keep such a loyal fanbase during its first, grind-heavy year, before the Taken King’s changes improved the overall game structure. The simple experience of playing it always took the edge off the slot-machine nature of hitting level cap.


And of course, Destiny’s core systems are malleable enough to support all manner of increasingly flamboyant weapon designs and action. Large-scale verticality and ludicrously cool guns that regularly do the impossible are no kind of a rarity.


The Division, however, is deliberately a much more grounded experience. A solid, altogether more real-world cover-shooter, it blends nicely rattley, modern military hardware with a pleasing sense of physicality in its player characters, and a satisfyingly gluey cover system. It’s much less ambitious in its scope though, which does ultimately lead to the action becoming rather samey after prolonged play, regardless of upgrades and perks. The underplayed combat does lend a paranoid intimacy to The Division’s face-offs, but it’s worth noting that the realism at times also leads to a disconnect in gameplay believability. The resilient, bullet-sponge enemies of the stat-driven RPG shooter are a lot easier to accept when alien technology and space-magic are involved. When you’re repeatedly shooting a human terrorist in the face with an assault rifle, things feel a little … off.


Mission design


Neither Bitcoin Dice game exactly excels in terms of ground-breaking level design – both contain a whole lot of ‘Go here, do this thing, get the other thing and kill the stuff’ – but each has selling points of its own. Where Destiny launched with a too-slim-for-comfort roster of missions, for instance, The Division is making no such mistake, setting its action on an Assassin’s Creed-scale map of New York absolutely teeming with things to do.


No only that, but there’s the immediate promise of involved discovery, by way of numerous locked doors, and lootable areas that require advanced contamination resistance to survive. It’s all very well thought out. Though the lack of variety in the enemy line-up does tend to become quite apparent when partaking in the game’s (often) 45-minute missions proper, the action is always fun, if not frequently spectacular or surprising.


By contrast, Destiny is designed with 30 minute, drop-in, drop-out sessions very much in mind, all of its activities tuned to deliver tangible progress and fun within short bursts of gameplay. Such quick gains are possible in The Division, admittedly, but the game’s presentation doesn’t make them anything like as accessible as in Bungie’s more modular MMO. Destiny’s stand-out missions don’t really kick in until you hit the House of Wolves and Taken King content – Bungie’s Halo-era flair for pacing and variety makes an unmistakable resurgence at that point – but the vibrancy and flow of its environments and combat are engaging from the off. It’s just that things in Destiny are more compartmentalised, its various different flavours of event linked by menus and loading screens rather than any true overworld.


Story and world


What The Division lacks in spectacle, is makes up for in layered grit and real-world fidelity. Its dystopian New York setting is beautifully rendered, in a run-down, grotty kind of way. Though, being resolutely realism focused, its snow-caked New York streets do have a tendency to blur into each other after a while. The setting is probably more exciting for those who have first-hand familiarity with the real city, but everyone else will likely crave more variety eventually.


The Division’s story comes packing all the complexity and weight that we’ve become accustomed to in Ubisoft’s modern Tom Clancy games. Its characters aren’t overly memorable, and largely assert their presence via radio chatter during missions, but there’s something undeniably engaging about its overall set-up. And there’s no questioning that its narrative is certainly more direct than Destiny’s often vague, broad-strokes space opera.


That said, there’s a lot to be said for Destiny’s approach too. Since The Taken King, its treatment of character has excelled – because if you have Nathan Fillion and Nolan North on the cast sheet, you don’t waste them. The personalities of, and relationships between, its NPCs have exploded with a real sense of humanity and fun. Its world is a theme park of endless, otherworldly beauty, with captivating visions and vistas waiting at every turn. It’s just that the narrative line through those wondrous environments still isn’t always as engaging as the places themselves.


Levelling and character progression


Continuing what’s becoming a theme now, the difference between the two games’ overall ‘career’ paths currently seems one of intricacy vs. immediacy. Destiny, on the one hand, has always been run with a philosophy of streamlining traditional MMO and RPG systems, stripping back character buffs to three main stats attached to armour, as well as a variety of weapon and armour-specific perks focused most clearly around Exotic gear.


There are some clever builds to be had if you really want to dig deep into resonant abilities – combine, for instance, the Warlock’s melee-powered overshield with the fast grenade cooldown of the Radiance Super and the melee-charging Monte Carlo rifle, and you have a formidable tank – but that granularity is there to be discovered by the more dedicated, not pushed up front by the game itself.


The Division presents a lot more options and a lot more stats. Between guns, attachments, clothing, perks, and abilities, there’s much more to manage, to the point that those not already versed in Destiny’s ways might have to negotiate somewhat of a learning curve at first. Crack it though, and there’s plenty to do. In particular, the facility to concentrate on levelling certain fields of abilities by focusing on specific, tailored questlines (want to boost your medical support skills? Then chase down the medical missions) is a very welcome addition. Long-term, the Division might reveal greater freedom of customisation than Destiny, but don’t be surprised if it takes a fair bit more work to harness.


And of course you’ll have to buy into a more grounded array of classes than ‘flying space wizard vs. flame-wielding astronaut Thor’.


PvP options


Here’s where the two games really differ. Destiny, you see, has an entire suite of traditional, arena-based FPS modes, covering the full and expected gamut of free-for-all, team, and objective-driven match types. The Division, on the other hand, currently has no traditional PvP play – though it may well be coming as an update later on – preferring at the moment to explore the paranoid villainy of its Dark Zone.


Ostensibly similar to the wider city at large, in truth the DZ is a haven of potential skulduggery and betrayal. A closed-off section of the map that players have to choose to enter, it contains AI enemies and high-value loot, but also allows players to ally with, or turn on, strangers at will. The most devilish part? Gear picked up in the Dark Zone can only be removed and secured via a highly visible airlift, meaning that any bid for escape and profit is immediately advertised to every burgeoning fiend in the area.


Throw in organised manhunts for heavy offenders, and the chance that any other player might just hold the special treasure key you so desperately need, and you have a constantly churning cauldron of distrust, malleable morality, and throat-tightening tension, that threatens to spill out into total carnage at any given moment.


Destiny lacks this kind of organic PvP environment, but at the same time, its multiplayer selection is one of the most fun, varied and vibrant in the modern FPS landscape. Playing out like a super-charged, more aggressive Halo, it’s an endless hoot, especially if you play with a mic’ed up, organised fireteam.


Online functionality


On the technical side of things, The Division has definitely had a better time of it than Destiny did during its early weeks, though there are still some notable issues going around. Most significantly, there’s the strange relationship between fireteam match-making and mission locations. The drop-in, drop-out ideal is a little shaky at the moment, players finding themselves unable to disband an ad hoc team without being warped back to a safehouse – potentially miles away – or even being thrown away from a mission area when trying to begin a co-op run near the start point. There’s also the Great Queuing Trauma, but current thinking says that that’s probably a bug rather than a design decision.


Destiny, at this point, is running like a mostly well-oiled machine. Some still cry out for across-the-board co-op matchmaking – Bungie continues to hold out on automated team-ups for Raids – but on the whole, there’s little of real weight to complain about.


So, what have we learned?


Basically – and disappointingly for those craving furious indignation – that both games are good for different reasons, and will probably best suit slightly different players. Of course, anyone who likes shooting and looting – and has a predilection for chronic levelling addiction – is going to get on just fine with either option, but if you like your gaming more grounded, cohesive, statistically involved, and altogether of a more brow-furrowingly serious persuasion, then The Division is probably for you.


Should you enjoy shooters more for the pure fun of their mechanics though, and not mind a little narrative roughness wrapped around a lot of highly varied, if segmented, bullet-joy, then Destiny has a hell of a party just ready and waiting for you.


And if both games appeal, and you can find enough time to sink into them in tandem, then they’ll probably work very well as complimentary experiences. But we don’t recommend such a feat, just as we do not accept responsibility for any exhaustion-related illness resulting from an attempt.




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Peluang Menjadi Kaya Raya Lewat Taruhan Bandarqq Judi Bola Online



Peluang Menjadi Kaya Raya Lewat Taruhan Judi Bola OnlineSebagian orang mungkin sudah bosan hidup serba pas-pasan saja dalam menjalani kehidupannya dan bukan suatu hal yang aneh jika mereka ingin hidup mewah layaknya seperti orang kaya yang memiliki segalanya dalam kehidupannya. Ada satu jalan expres yang bisa menjadikan anda kaya raya dalam tempo waktu yang singkat yakni lewat bermain taruhan judi bola online tentunya. Karena peluang menjadi kaya raya lewat taruhan judi bola online sudah bukan menjadi yang mustahil lagi untuk anda capai lantaran telah banyak bukti nyata para bettor pengila taruhan bola online menjadi jutawan atau kaya raya lewat taruhan judi bola online. Namun untuk mencapai semua itu tentu harus membutuhkan perjuangan keras agar bisa tercapai menjadi kenyatan nantinya. Disini kami akan mencoba memberikan penjelasan mengenai cara untuk mencapai tujuan tersebut agar bisa membantu anda untuk mengapai semua yang anda inginkan tentunya. Sebenarnya untuk mencapai semua itu bisa dibilang susah-susah gampang dan tergantung bagaimana anda mencerna serta memahami setiap taruhan bola online yang ada. Namun  kami akan berusaha menjelaskan kembali secara singkat kepada anda agar nanti bisa cerna dengan baik saat bermain taruhan judi bola online nantinya.


Sebelum kami menjelaskan kepada anda tentang peluang menjadi kaya raya lewat taruhan judi bola online jangan lupa juga luangkan sedikit waktu anda untuk membaca Teknik Simpel Bermain Judi Bola Online Agar Menang Terus biar nanti anda semakin menjadi kaya raya lewat taruhan judi bola online nantinya. Seperti yang kami katakan diatas tadi kalau kami akan mencoba menjelaskan kembali kepada anda mengenai peluang menjadi kaya raya lewat taruhan judi bola online. Sebenarnya untuk menjadi kaya raya dalam taruhan judi bola online itu sangat mudah sekali bisa anda dapatkan asalkan anda mengerti benar setiap dari jenis taruhan bola online yang anda mainkan. Karena apabila anda tidak menguasai salah satu dari jenis permainan judi bola online tersebut maka anda akan merasa bingung sendiri pada waktu ingin memasang taruhan judi bola online. Setelah anda berhasil menguasai salah Bandarqq satu dari jenis permainan judi bola online tersebut maka langkah selanjutnya yang perlu anda perhatikan adalah nilai taruhan. Nila taruhan juga menjadi tolak ukur atau sebagai penentuan dari hasil kemenangan yang akan anda dapatkan dalam taruhan judi bola online, bila semakin banyak anda memasang nilai taruhannya maka peluang untuk menjadi kaya raya dalam tempo waktu yang singat pasti akan anda dapatkan. Namun bila anda bermain taruhan bola online hanya sekedar untuk mencari hiburan atau mengisi waktu luang saja maka pasanglah nilai taruhan bola onlinenya sekupnya saja.


Langkah selanjutnya ialah bermainlah ditempat agen judi bola online terpercaya karena dengan bermain ditempat agen judi bola online terpercaya maka jaminan akan pembayaran kemenangan pasti bisa dilakukan. Lantaran agen judi bola online terpercaya yang telah berdiri lama pasti selalu menjaga nama baik websitenya dan bila ada salah satu dari sekian banyaknnya member mereka yang menang banyak pasti akan dibayar kemenangan mereka karena website agen judi bola online terpercaya menjaga nama baik websitenya. Jadi pastikan anda bermain taruhan judi bola onlinenya didalam website agen judi bola online terpercaya agar nanti bisa menjadi kenyatan mengenai mimpi anda untuk jadi kaya raya lewat taruhan judi bola online. Jika berbicara mengenai agen judi bola online terpercaya, anda bisa mendaftakan diri anda bersama www.areataruhan.co karena website tersebut telah berdiri lama dalam dunia perjudian online dan anda tidak perlu sangsi jika menjadi salah satu dari member mereka karena website tersebut selalu menjaga nama baik websitenya jadi apabila ada member yang menang taruhan bola online berapa banyak pun pasti akan dibayar sesuai kemenangan yang didapatkan.


Lanjut lagi dalam pembahasan kita mengenai peluang menjadi kaya raya lewat taruhan judi bola online. Setelah dua unsur tadi yang kami jelaskan kepada anda maka tahap selanjutnya adalah bermainlah secara profesional. Bermain secara profesional disini diartikan seperti bila mana anda telah bermain memperoleh kemenangan seperti yang anda inginkan maka langkah selanjutnya adalah memutuskan berhenti bermain. Itulah yang dimaksud dengan bermain secara profesional dimana setelah mendapatkan apa yang diinginkan maka segera berhenti bermain. Pastikan anda menyimak semua informasi yang kami berikan ini secara serius agar nanti anda bisa mendapatkan keuntungan terus dalam permainan judi bola online.


Mungkin hanya sampai sebatas disini saja yang bisa kami sampaikan kepada anda semua mengenai peluang menjadi kaya raya lewat taruhan judi bola online dan apabila ada kesempatan dilain waktu kita akan bertemu kembali dengan topik perbincangan lebih seru lagi mengenai dunia judi bola online. Dan untuk anda yang ingin mencoba atau sekedar iseng-iseng memasang taruhan bola onlinenya, maka anda bisa menghubungi operator kami dibagian media komunikasi melalui fitus Live Chat, Kontak BBM, Wechat, Line dan Whats Up biar nanti anda diarahkan dalam proses pendaftaran user id permaina judi bola onlinenya.…

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Taruhan Judi Bola di Liga Bola88 Eropa melalui agen betting



Agen betting kali ini akan memberikan informasi mengenai taruhan online judi bola liga Eropa sebagai bahan taruhannya. Sepakbola eropa menjadi magnet tersendiri bagi kehidupan atau dunia sepakbola. Seringkali seseorang menganggap sepak bola adalah olah raga rakyat yang mempunyai mayoritas penggemar di seluruh penjuru dunia. Dibandingkan dengna olah raga lain, sepakbola adalah yang terbesar di indonesia bahkan di dunia. Berbagai ajang kompetisi berjenjang ada di setiap negara. Tidak hanya di indonesia, di eropa pun liga – liga di eropa mempunyai jenjang kompetisi mulai dari u21, u23, profesional, divisi I, divisi Utama, Liga Primer. Di semua ajang liga bisa dijadikan bahan taruha bola online dan itu sangat menguntungkan bagi anda pecinta bisnis judi online.


Taruhan judi bola di internet menempatkan seseorang pada pilihan hidup untuk beraktifitas dan mendapatkan uang dalam jumlah yang tidak sedikit. Sering orang menghabiskan waktu berjam-jam atau bahkan berhari-hari untuk memantau jalannya pertandingan baik secara online atau live atau secara offline melalui review hasil pertandingan sepakbola. Dari hasil pantauan live atau review tersebut, seseorang bisa menentukan jumlah taruhan dan prediksi pertandingan liga eropa. Dengan analisa tesebut anda bisa memenangkan taruhan dalam jumlah kecil atau besar. Dengan hasil analisa, tentunya kemenanga yang ingin anda dapatkan dari pada kemenangan kecil.


Setelah Anda punya bakat taruhan online selanjutnya anda tentukan sistem website dan pilihan taruhan di judi bola liga eropa. Kemudian lalui semua tahapan judi online tersebut dengan terus memantau pertandingan – pertandingan besar liga eropa. Sering pantau liga eropa yagn mempertandingkan tim-tim papan atas inggris, italia, spanyol atau bahkan jerman. Dengan memperhatikan tim-tim tersebut, mungkin bisa Bola88 menjadikan anda sebagai jutawan dadakan karena baru saja memenangkan taruhan online di internet dengan tajuk taruhan judi bola di liga eropa.


Panduan Untuk Melakukan Judi Online di Internet Via Agen Betting


Agen Betting – Anda suka bermain judi didarat ? Mungkin judi didarat atau via offline sering terkena grebekan polisi. Saat ini saatnya melakukan judi via online. Hanya dengan menggunakan bantuan internet kamu bisa bermain-main berbagai permainan dan menghasilkan banyak uang. Nah saya disini ingin membagikan panduan untuk melakukan judi online di internet via agen betting.


Caranya untuk melakukan sebuah judi online di internet sebenarnya sangat mudah. Anda tinggal menghubungi sebuah agen betting terpercaya seperti  yang merupakan agen betting terpercaya dan memiliki banyak member pemain judi online di indonesia. Untuk panduannya bagaimana pendaftaran dan juga peraturan judi online langsung saja ke website untuk tahu bagaimana peraturan dan permainan judi online. Selamat bermain judi online dan semoga sukses serta bawa uang sebanyak-banyaknya dari para player lain.



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Take a look around, it may not seem immediately clear but the world of gambling has changed. The fresh-faced digital realm has replaced the once stodgy and unwelcoming land based casinos of the world. These new online casinos have revolutionised the way people play through several key factors. One of those key reasons is the innovation and continual development of the online slots genre. Looking at online slots in more detail, here are five reasons as to why you should play them online rather than visit a land-based casino.


Casino Bonuses


At a land based casino qualifying for comps is often a fairly tall order. This is because you first need to become a well-established casino member, and then you will need to part with plenty of money at the machines. Casino bonuses works differently, as while the rewards are by no means as big, they are much easier to get hold of. Initially those new to the field can get hold of a “welcome bonus” or “sign-up bonus”. These bonuses are often issued at the point of registration or when an initial deposit is made. From there a player can play more and eventually unlock reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, VIP bonuses, and more.


For more information about casino bonuses and free spins, check out http://casinohits.se/freespins/.


Increased Tempo


Representing a change in both dynamic and game mechanics, online slot games move at a far quicker pace than their land-based counterparts. Playing online means that you aren’t left waiting around on a machine to become available, nor can clunky mechanisms disturb your gameplay. You simply logon, select a game that takes your fancy, click the spin button and that’s it. The game will then get underway, with no need to mess around with coins and notes or pull any levers. Fast paced and fun, online slot games speed up the pace and it is clearly for the better.




Don’t fancy sitting around all day and playing a slot game manually? Well don’t worry, as online you don’t have to. Autoplay is now a regular feature among various online slot games and it allows the player to put the game on an autopilot like setting. When used the game will play automatically until a set number of spins have taken place or until the player steps in and stops proceedings manually. Autospin makes playing online slots quite literally effortless.


Cashless Transactions


When you spin the slots at a land-based casino you need to have plenty of cash handy. More specifically you need to have plenty of Togel Hongkong notes and coins ready to use, which can at times prove to problematic. Playing online is a cashless affair, with all transactions handled digitally; this makes fumbling around for money to use on slot games a thing of the past choice.


Constant Choice


Choice, choice, and more choice is what players will have when they choose to play online slots. As you will see at any online casino portal, slot games can be found in their hundreds, while the selection of online casinos themselves being just as varied. It’s not just the selection of slot games that is huge, but there are also tons of promotions available for slots in the UK. Sites like freespins.uk.com helps finding the greatest free spins no deposit casino uk, and is a great place to visit if you’re looking to play casino games for free!




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Much better than Gran Turismo? SEVEN factors Assetto Corsa might rule on Bitcoin Dice system



I know what you’re probably thinking: What the heck is Assetto Corsa? Sounds like a fancy ice cream. True, but it’s actually a very fancy racing sim, previously only available on PC. Having won a lot of hardcore racing fans over the past couple of years, it’s finally coming to console with a brand new interface. And, as it happens, I’ve just played an already impressive, pre-alpha version on PS4.


At risk of jumping the gun, if I had to say right now how good I think it is, I would say the simulation is the best I’ve ever experienced (though how it’ll work as a long-term console game is something I’ll reserve judgement on). So let me tell you why – from a sim point of view at least, this could leave Gran Turismo and Forza sucking on its exhaust fumes.


The Bitcoin Dice setup at the preview event had Thrustmaster 599XX EVO 30 wheels (the Alcantara Edition that’s just like a real Ferrari wheel) plus huge great bucket-seated RSeat RS1s, which obviously helps the sense of immersion. But even just looking at the game on the screen, the movement is that of a real car. The level of grip feels perfect, with an incredible amount of feedback through the visuals and the motors pushing against you in the wheel itself. As a result, despite the massive realism, I didn’t spend all my time falling off the road. I spent it driving around a racetrack. That’s the difference. A massive, massive difference.


Ferrari, Abarth and Dallara have used this tech to simulate cars in their own test facility. It’s that realistic. The team is completely enveloped in racing – quite literally in that their office is in the middle of the Vallelunga circuit in Rome. The team can see cars driving down a straight right outside their window. Marco Massarutto, co-founder and executive producer at Kunos Simulazioni told me: “Being on track, we have the chance to stay in direct contact with racing teams, professional drivers and engineers.” It shows.


This is the most responsive racing game I’ve ever seen. With the steering wheels set up in front of large, flat panel HD TVs and the game set to helmet cam, you could see journalists’ hands on the wheel right underneath those same hands’ virtual incarnations… and they were almost perfectly in sync. A perfect 1:1 response is technically impossible due to processing in the console and the TV, but only the most violent see-saws are even slightly behind the real-world action here. Seeing as HD TVs have latency anyway, the game itself must be running like lightning. It’s superb – the best I’ve ever seen.


Oculus Rift is already supported in Assetto Corsa, and Marco told me that they’ve had the ‘Morpheus’ (as it was then known) dev kit for over a year already. However, the team’s priority right now is to get the console version finished and shipped, so VR compatibility is not something that will be supported at launch. After that, however, there’s more than a good chance that it will be added in via a downloadable patch. But the effect is apparently so good, Marco says Oculus uses the game to demonstrate its technology at events. I don’t doubt it.


This is one area that it’s not easy to test in just a couple of hours with a game, but early signs are promising. For starters, after lowering the as-yet-unbalanced difficulty a little, I was just about able to keep up with the 4th-place car around Spa for a couple of laps, getting to within distance of thinking about an overtake, but then making a mistake at Eau Rouge and slamming into the wall. That may not sound fun to you, but for me it’s very promising. I had to work very hard to reel in just one car – something my list of ‘What makes a good racing game?’ made a big deal out of.


Speaking of crashing into things, damage was switched off in this pre-alpha version, although the final game will feature both mechanical and cosmetic damage, with slider bars for how realistic you want it to be. Marco told me that the various manufacturers have varying levels of damage they are happy to be depicted on their cars, but it will have some. That’s unavoidable. However, most importantly, collisions between vehicles feel weighty and solid here. Like you’re actually hitting real cars. It’s an incredible simulations of not just cars on a tracks, but cars on other cars.


Assetto Corsa can’t compete with Gran Turismo for the sheer number of tracks (or cars for that matter), but it can compete in terms of solidity. Its visual feel is like a new-gen version of Ferrari 355 Challenge – that kind of solid, assured rendering, only in 1080p on PS4 (likely 900p on Xbox One according to Marco, though both will run at 60fps). Best of all, there’s even a 1966 layout version of Monza that you can drive with vintage F1 cars. Where Forza 6 feels like a love-letter to cars, this feels like a love letter to motorsport.


It’s already very, very good. It feels like driving an actual car. Whether that’s going to translate to standard PS4 and Xbox One control pads remains to be seen, but with a wheel and pedals, it’s wonderful. It’s unashamedly a simulation of cars, but that simulation is so impressive, I already want just that one Ferrari Fxx K hotlap around Spa in my house. If everything else can convinces console gamers as a video game and not just a technical reproduction of a car, this could be very special indeed when it hits consoles later this year. Keep an eye on it, this could be a real sleeper hit.





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Exploiting Opponents’ Weaknesses on casino en ligne francais



A great deal is made of a skill called ‘game selection’ – being able to select the right game for your level of ability, for your style of play and for the quality of opponents in that game. Whilst game selection is an extremely important part of being a successful poker player, for many, it’s simply not an option. They may only play in a local home game, or they may play in a small casino where there is only one game spread at their preferred limit – they simply don’t have the option to move in and out of games at will.


This is a problem but it can be overcome. It can be overcome by realising that, no matter the quality of your opponents, each and every poker player has weaknesses. No one is, or will ever be, weakness-free – not even World Class Players (WCP’s). Game theory shows only a small profit against a very select group of poor opponents, so there is a great deal more to be made in discovering what your opponent/s weaknesses are, and exploiting them to your advantage.


This may sound difficult, but you may be surprised at how easy it is. It all boils down to this: people either bet too much, call too much, or fold too much. It’s your job to work out which one of these your opponent/s are guilty of, and take advantage of their mistakes.


Many people believe that a game full of ‘rocks’ (people who play very few hands and are, by nature, extremely tight players) cannot be beaten. This is simply wrong. Rocks fold far too many hands. They give up +EV (expected value) for a decrease in variance. This is a clear mistake on their part. If sitting in a game where only 15-25% are seeing the flop every hand, you can make a killing by developing your skills in short-handed play – and by developing solid, aggressive blind-stealing skills.


Many people believe that a game full of ‘maniacs’ (people who play, as the name suggests, like maniacs and are extremely loose players) cannot be beaten. This is also simply wrong. Maniacs play far too many hands and, most importantly, they play their hands almost always incorrectly. They are making mistakes left, right and centre. If sitting in a game where four or more players are capping the betting before the flop, simply wait for premium hands and get in there and bet with them – you will get paid off when you get big hands. Don’t get trapped in there with marginal hands or you will be forced to fold – and give up all those preflop bets – when the flop doesn’t hit you. Axs (an Ace with any other suited card) becomes valuable in this game, for the flush potential – in addition, the lone Ace often will be enough as people are playing with such garbage). Remember, the maniacs can’t always have good cards – mostly they are betting with garbage – so when you get a hand, don’t be afraid to bet it and make them pay.


Many people believe that a casino en ligne francais game full of ‘calling stations’ (people who never bet/raise but merely call often) cannot be beaten. This is wrong and, as you will find as you progress, this game is the easiest game to play. If you do have game selection opportunities, this should be the game you are looking for. If people are going to call you all the time, you should never bluff or semi-bluff. Bet only for value. And don’t be afraid to lay down your hand if a calling station bets back at you – chances are they have a monster. You can play marginal hands in this game – but try and play them from late position – this way, you can control the betting and get more money in the pot when you want it. The important thing to consider in this game, is that you often need a strong hand at the showdown – so you need to be patient and don’t try too many angles/moves – simply let them pay you off when you hit. Be sure to make them pay you off when you hit. Don’t slowplay too often – just make them pay. It’s that simple.


Many people believe that a game full of tight, aggressive, solid players cannot be beaten. They are usually RIGHT. Sorry, I don’t have a great deal of advice for you in regards to playing this type of game – apart from GET OUTTA THERE! You can stay and try and mix it up with the tight, aggressive players but your variance will be huge and it will be very hard to overcome the rake.


Many of you will have watched the movie ‘Rounders’. At one stage, Mike says, “When you sit down at a table and can’t work out who the fish are, YOU are the fish!” What he means is: If you sit down at a table and can’t work out the styles and quality of your opponents, then odds are they will be able to easily work you out, and the odds are stacked against you. You absolutely must be able to determine the playing styles and quality of your opponents. After that, you can determine what strategies or adjustments to your play you need to make to beat them.


In summary, no poker player is complete. Not one. Every poker player has weaknesses. True, some have a great deal more than others, but each one has weaknesses. You need to be able to figure out what they are, and exploit them to your advantage. Once again, these skills come with practice so get out there and start thinking about what I’ve said – before you know it, you will be saying to yourself: “John’s a loose, passive player who calls far too much on 4th and 5th street – Mary’s a loose, aggressive player who bets far too much with mediocre hands – Phil’s a weak, tight player who folds far too many hands – Peter’s a solid, tight, aggressive player, be wary of him.” When you can think about your opponents in these terms, you are on your way to being one of the better, if not best, players on the table.



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Bermain Casino Di Dalam Agen Asia8bet Selalu Untung



Agen Bola Tangkas yang akan memberitakan sebuah wacana mengenai bermain casino di dalam agen Asia8bet selalu untung. Selalu menggunakan internet untuk bermain judi online adalah hal yang sangat baik sama sekali. untuk berbagai layanan internet selalu memungkinkan Anda untuk sampai ke permainan judi yang menghasilkan keuntungan besar. Selain itu Anda juga bisa mendapatkan manfaat ganda yang akan membuat Anda kaya dengan cepat. Oleh karena itu, kami hadir untuk memberikan wawasan yang baik dan informasi tentang judi online yang agen baik digunakan untuk perjudian. asia8bet saja dengan agen terpercaya yang tersedia di sini Anda akan merasa puas dengan permainan judi yang diberikan.


Dengan kepuasan pelanggan atu player judi maka itu akan menjadi tolak ukur dari keberhasilan agen judi secara online. Entah itu merupakan sarana ataupun layanan untuk para pelanggan ataupun kenyamanan serta keamanan dalam memberikan tempat untuk melampiaskan hasrat berjudi tersebut. Hal ini merupakan salah satu hal wajib yang harus dimiliki oleh para agen agen besar yang memang lebih mementingkan kualitas daripada mencari pelanggan sebanyak mungkin


Oleh karena itu, kita sebagai para player juga harus mengeri dan memahami tentang bagaimana cara membedakan mana agen yang memang lebih berkualitas dari agen lain dan juga mana agen yang hanya membual belaka. Kami mempunyai beberapa referensi agen judi online  poker online lokal yang mungkin bisa anda manfaatkan untuk anda bermain judi secara online. Agen di samping tulisan ini, atau agen yang ada di gambar banner kami di atas merupakan salah satu rekomendasi kami yang bisa mengantarkan anda ke dalam permainna judi online yang nyaman serta aman


Di agen tersebut anda bisa memanfaatkan banyak sekali keunggulan keunggulan di agen tersebut. Entah itu dari sisi produk ataupun dari sisi kualitas, pemain atau player nya pun juga sangat banyak sekali. Sehingga hal tersebut membuat lebih dipercayanya agen ini untuk menjadi agen terbaik yang ada di Negara Indonesia.


Berbagai macam dan jenis permainan casino menguntungkan dapat ditemukan di sini. untuk itu jika Anda ingin bermain permainan casino berbagai segera bergabung dalam agen asia8bet. Karena dengan menjadi agen asia8bet sini akan selalu mendapatkan keuntungan yang besar. Berbagai kemungkinan permainan casino Anda dapat menikmati sangat mudah seperti contoh yang poker, bakarat, sicbo, rolet dan banyak lagi. Anda harus tahu bahwa setiap permainan casino di agen terbaik selalu akan berisi keuntungan yang sangat besar. jadi untuk semua anggota yang bergabung di dalamnya akan memiliki kesempatan untuk menjadi kaya dan memiliki banyak uang. selamat bermain dan mudah-mudahan agen akan membantu Anda menyederhanakan keuntungan besar asia8bet di casino online.


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Prediksi skor Irak vs Oman



Pada tambahan West Asian Federation Championship di musim kali akan menyediakan aksi yg agak dahsyat serta mempesona, dimana ketika pekan saat ini hendak mempertemukan ke 2 skuad yang tergabung dalam group B. Kesebelasannya yang bakal berperang kesempatan itu yakni Iraq yg akan melayani tentangan dr skuad Oman, juga laga ke-2 anggota saat ini hendak berjalan di Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium di dalam 1 Januari 2014.


Iraq pasti dalam duel kesempatan tersebut hendak bertanding total guna dapat memikat poin melimpah, dan pasti sanggup langsung bersaing dan sanggup buat mampu berada di puncak klasemen group. Pada kekuataan team yg dimiliki saat ini tentu memproduksi pelatih Iraq yakin kompetisi kali tersebut hendak dapat menjadi milik mereka, asalkan pasti di kompetisi saat tersebut pemain bertambah solid juga mampu terus bermain menikam kru lawan.


Oman tentu di kompetisi tersebut sempurna susah dalam bisa menjagoi laga, sebab lawan yg mereka hadapi ialah team yg luar biasa hebat serta berbahaya. Tetapi tentu kesebelasannya Oman akan bertanding habis-habisan untuk dapat memenangi duel kali ini dan mampu utk siap meraih angka maksimum, dgn motivasi gede pasti pemain Oman bakal menampakkan tontonan yang terbaik serta bermain bertambah percaya diri di aksi itu  qiu qiu online .


Di aksi kesempatan tersebut pasti kru Oman pingin dapat guna sanggup menoreh tim lawan, diantaranya dalam pertentangan pertemuan terakhir tatkala menghadapi anggota Iraq yang mana kesebelasannya Oman dapat unggul dengan skor 1-0. Tetapi pada kompetisi itu kesebelasannya Iraq yang berkemungkinan besar bisa guna dapat menjuarai kancah ini, dgn menengok prestasi serta kekuataan kru yg dimiliki saat ini pasti semakin baik dan ini bakal bisa buat anggota Iraq utk dapat menarik poin full.


Perkiraan Susunan Pemain Irak vs Oman:


Irak : Muthana Khalid, Qusay Munir, Ahmad Ibrahim Khalaf, Husam Kadhim, Noor Sabri, Salam Shakir, Ali Rehema, Karrar Jassim, Halkard Mulla Mohammad, Ala’a Abdul Zahra, Hammadi Ahmad.


Oman: Sami Ba Owain, Muheeb Issa, Mazin Al Kasbi,Nadhir Sloum, Ali Salim Al Nahar, Basil Al Rawahi ,Raed Ibrahim Saleh, Saud Al Farsi,Sami Al Hasani, Badar Nasib,Abdullah Al Hamar.


Prediksi pertandingan bola hari ini Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspurs


Liga Premier Inggris yg baru memasuki paruh ke 2 ini akan menyediakan perjuangan Big Match, yang mana pasukan yang akan berlaga merupakan team Manchester United yg bakal bertatapan kompetisi Tottenham Hotspur. Tentu aksi ini bakal digelar pada sengit dan memukau yang mana ke 2 kompetisi begitu membutuhkan poin maksimum guna siap terbang ke kediaman teratas klasemen, serta kompetisi itu hendak live di pos atas tim Manchester United adalah Old Trafford di dalam 2 Januari 1014.


Manchester United tentu dalam aksi periode itu akan mencoba dalam mampu dan siap mengendalikan poin full, terlebih pasti tampil di hadapan public sendiri. Dan ini lah saatnya buat terbit untuk pelatih Manchester United diantaranya David Moyes yang idamkan kru nya dapat tembus ke kediaman teratas klasemen, dan dgn penetapan skuad yang sempurna baik hendak sebagai modal besar di dalam laga kesempatan tersebut.


Tottenham Hotspur di dalam aksi ini hendak memeras keringat mati-matian utk mampu & dpt mengambil poin penuh, sebab akan luar biasa bermanfaat bagi bisa memproduksi team Tottenham Hotspur berpengaruh di papan atas klasemen. Akan tetapi yg memerankan kendala pada pertandingan kali tersebut merupakan keadaan anggota yang kurang bagus, walakin Tentunya tak merampas rasa keyakinan tiap-tiap pemain yg inginkan bisa menarik poin penuh dalam laga tersebut.


Tentu saat aksi kesempatan ini bakal live dgn tempo tontonan yg cukup menjulung, soalnya kedua skuad inginkan mampu buat mampu mengait poin full yang akan bisa menuil kapasitas mereka di kediaman klasemen. Akan tetapi Tentu di dalam kancah kali ini skuad Manchester United yang diperkirakan akan mampu untuk mampu menjagoi laga, dgn kriteria & prestasi anggota yg makin bagus terlebih main dikandang bakal sanggup sebagai faktor skuad Manchester United memenangi duel kali itu.


Perkiraan Susunan Pemain Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspurs:


Manchester United : Vidic, Buttner, De Gea, Smalling, Ferdinand, Welbeck, Giggs, Zaha, Young, Rooney, van Persie.


Tottenham Hotspurs : Hugo Lloris, Kyle Naughton, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, William Gallas, Jan Vertonghen, Scott Parker, Aaron Lennon, Jake Livermore, Emmanuel Adebayor, Moussa Dembele, Lewis Holtby.


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baccaratเกมไพ่ที่ได้รับความนิยมสูงมากที่สุดในยุคปัจจุบันแน่นอนใครๆก็รู้ดีว่าเป็นบาคาร่าแถมทุกวันนี้ยังมีช่องทางให้ท่านได้เข้าไปร่วมสนุกกันได้ง่ายขึ้นไปอีกด้วยช่องทางการเข้าใช้ที่ง่ายกว่าคือการเล่นผ่านมือถือที่ใครก็สามารถเป็นเจ้าของได้ด้วยราคาไม่แพง ซึ่งบาคาร่าความจริงแล้วอาศัยเพียงแค่ดวงเพียงอย่างเดียวเท่านั้น แต่ถ้าหากไม่ได้เข้าไปเล่นที่บ่อนจะมีช่องทางไหนที่สามารถใช้บริการเพื่อการเดิมพันได้เพราะต้องลุ้นเอง แต่ที่เราจะนำเสนอในวันนี้เป็นการเล่นที่ทันสมัยบวกกับเทคโนโลยีที่ล้ำหน้าของยุคสมัย คือเป็นการเล่นบาคาร่าที่ใช้ระบบออนไลน์ซึ่งเป็นการถ่ายทอดสดส่งตรงมายังมือถือท่านที่เป็นสมาชิกกันแบบสดๆ เว็บไซต์ FAFA855 ให้ลุ้นกันวินาทีต่อวินาที โดยพนักงานสาวสวยที่ทางเว็บได้คัดหน้าตามาเป็นพิเศษเพื่อให้ท่านที่เป็นสมาชิกได้ยลโฉมพร้อมกับมีความสุขในการเดิมพันไปด้วย โดยท่านที่สนใจสามารถสมัครได้เลยผ่านทางมือถือ ได้ทั้งการทำรายการจากทางหน้าเว็บและโทรเข้ามาเพื่อทำรายการกับทางทีมงานได้เลย ทั้งสองระบบนี้ทำได้ง่ายๆ แค่บอกรายละเอียดที่เป็นข้อมูลส่วนตัวเพียงไม่กี่ประการเท่านั้นเองเพื่อให้ทางทีมงานสามารถที่จะตรวจสอบได้ด้วยว่าคนที่ต้องการสมัครเข้ามาสมัครเป็นสมาชิก มีตัวตนอยู่จริงๆ แต่รับรงว่าไม่ยุ่งยากและขอเพียงคุณหรือนักพนันไม่มี User เก่าที่เป็นสมาชิกอยู่แล้ว หากท่านใดมีที่มีไอดีเก่าไม่สามารถที่จะสมัครเพิ่มได้ตรงนี้ทางเว็บต้องขอสงวนสิทธิไว้เพื่อเป็นการป้องกันเหล่ามิจฉาชีพที่เข้ามาหาผลประโยชน์ในทางผิดๆกับทางเว็บ เนื่องจากทางเว็บมีโปรโมชั่นให้นักพนันมากมายอยู่แล้ว แล้วการเดิมพันบาคาร่าผ่านมือถือ ยังมีการสอนวิธีการเล่นเทคนิคต่างๆรวมไปถึงการให้เล่นฟรีๆเป็นการทดลองก่อนการเล่นจริงได้จาก User ซึ่งขอกับทางทีมงานว่าต้องการทดลองเล่นก่อนและทางเว็บให้ท่านเล่นกันได้ฟรีๆถึง 2 User ต่อเดือน และมีเงินให้ 500 บาทภายใน User นั้น มีการเดิมพันเหมือนจริงทุกประการ แต่เบิกเงินออกมาใช้ไม่ได้เท่านั้นเอง ร่วมเป็นส่วนหนึ่งจากทางเว็บได้แล้ววันนี้ไม่มีการเก็บเงินค่าสมัครและไม่มีการเรียกเก็บค่าธรรมเนียมประจำปีหรือย้อนกลังแน่นอน เพราะว่าการเล่นบาคาร่ากับเราถือว่าโชคดีที่สุดเนื่องจากเราเป็นตัวแทนโดยตรง เพียงไม่กี่รายที่เปิดในประเทศไทยให้คนไทยได้สนุกกันแบบสบายๆผ่านมือถือ เพียงล็อคอินรหัสที่ทางเว็บได้แจกไป เพียงแค่นี้คุณก็เล่นบาคาร่าออนไลน์ได้แล้ว…

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