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RNGs Not Rigged, Says Pragmatic Insider

Mick Jacobs, Product Manager at Chartwell Technology Inc., a major supplier of Internet gaming software, sent in the following comments on Random Number Generators. Mick allowed us to publish his remarks with the note that these are his personal comments and though he believes they are accurate they are not intended to be a corporate message from Chartwell Technology Inc. or World Gaming PLC.

I have just read your May 2002 article “Are Random Number Generators Really Random?” and would like to say 2 things. One, super job. Within the space of 7 paragraphs you concisely passed a textbook amount of technical jargon to the common player. For that I salute you.

The second aspect of my comments are to the nature of how Random Number “Emulators” are implemented in the every day online casino. Though I cannot, and dare not, speak about all online gaming systems I can speak to at least 2 major ones. I have been in the industry since 1998. I started back then as the head of, and in the beginning the sole member of, the Starnet QA staff and eventually found my way to being a product manager for Chartwell. I have attended several conferences around the world and the most common question posed to me was regarding the integrity of “yer random number thingy” (evidently a technical term spawned from the southern United States, maybe Cali). After glazing prospects’ eyes with descriptions about the proof that the period of 2^19937-1, and 623-dimensional equidistribution property is assured with the Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator, I put their minds to rest by explaining one more simple aspect to the whole operation…

The server generates numbers when players ask for a result. All the players are asking the same server for a result. If there was a pattern to the numbers being produced by the server a player that wanted to abuse the pattern would have to ensure that they were the ONLY ones requesting numbers from the server over a predicable pattern period. The fact that multiple players request numbers from the server in truly natural random time periods ensures that the even your first attempt at a RNG would have easily satisfied the needs of most online gaming systems today.

I do not imagine that this statement will satisfy all the players that feel online casinos rip them off by rigging the RNG, or to all the Pragmatic operators that demand proof that the software’s RNG will not be able to be predicted. But in the real virtual world the best way is usually the simplest. Simply put, RNGs don’t even have to be that random to be random.

Thanks for your article. Keep up the good work. Information empowers users. Empowered users are happy, confident players. And that is what we all want, players having a good time, and maybe winning a little scratch.



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If you like to gamble, you might want to check out www.888.com, where you can play blackjack, poker, craps, slots and roulette. If you prefer sports betting, try www.betonsports.com.


According to the U.S. Justice Department, I may have just committed a felony. Federal prosecutors say helping Americans find online casinos or sports betting operations could amount to “aiding and abetting” illegal gambling, a crime punishable by up to two years in prison.


Last June, Deputy Assistant Attorney General John G. Malcolm sent a letter to media trade groups warning that their members could be breaking the law by accepting ads for gambling sites. Meanwhile, Raymond W. Gruender, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, has convened a grand jury in St. Louis that is issuing subpoenas to companies that do business with the online gambling industry.


This campaign รวมเว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์ of intimidation already has yielded results. Since last fall several media companies, including Infinity Broadcasting, Viacom Outdoor, Discovery Networks, and Clear Channel Communications, have stopped running ads for online casinos and betting services.


This month Google and Yahoo!, two of the most widely used Web search engines, also caved. Although Google was vague about its motivation, Yahoo! said “a lack of clarity in the environment” makes gambling ads “too risky.”


Read more about Google and Yahoo! gambling ads prohibition in Yahoo and Google Ban Gambling Ads by Keith Regan, E-Commerce Times

These companies have surrendered their First Amendment rights without a fight, allowing the government to silence speech it doesn’t like by floating a legal theory that almost certainly would fail if it were tested in court. Their capitulation illustrates the chilling effect of vague laws in the hands of ambitious prosecutors.

“There is concern that gambling advertising may create the impression among the public that these activities are legal, when in fact they are not,” Justice Department spokesman Michael Kulstad told Media Daily News. “It’s an ‘aiding and abetting’ kind of thing.”


The law is not nearly as clear as Kulstad implies. The Justice Department maintains that online gambling is banned by the 1961 Wire Act, which prohibits anyone “engaged in the business of betting or wagering” from using “a wire communication facility for the transmission in interstate or foreign commerce of bets or wagers or information assisting in the placing of bets or wagers.”


But gambling sites are based in countries where online wagering is perfectly legal. It’s debatable whether a bet placed by an American via the Internet takes place on his computer, at the casino in, say, Costa Rica, or somewhere in between.


As much as the U.S. Justice Department might like to assert jurisdiction all over the world, such interference understandably raises hackles abroad. Last month the World Trade Organization, in response to a complaint from the tiny Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda, ruled that the U.S. is violating its free trade commitments by trying to block cross-border betting.


The WTO’s arbitration panel apparently was convinced by Antigua and Barbuda’s argument that the ban on Internet wagering is a trade barrier aimed at protecting the American gambling industry. “The U.S. says it wants open competition,” said Antigua and Barbuda’s WTO representative, “but it only wants free trade when it suits the U.S.”


As if to confirm the double standard, U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., called the WTO ruling “appalling,” saying, “It cannot be allowed to stand that another nation can impose its values on the U.S.” What does Goodlatte think the U.S. is doing when it treats gambling operations that other countries consider legitimate businesses as criminal enterprises? By similar logic, American publishers could be prosecuted for posting material that a foreign government considered indecent or seditious.


In practice, of course, it’s hard to prosecute casino operators based in other countries, which is why the Justice Department is instead going after Americans who sell them services. Given how broadly the government seems to be interpreting “aiding and abetting,” it could bring charges against not just ad carriers but marketing consultants, banks, Internet service providers, telecommunications companies, computer professionals, and anyone else who facilitates online betting.


The upshot could be that both online gambling operations and their customers (who, depending upon the law in their state, may not be committing a crime by placing a bet) escape punishment, while the people who help bring them together are left holding the bag. Such a result might strike jurors as unfair. But given the way its crackdown has worked so far, the Justice Department probably won’t have to worry about that.






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Les Machines à sous sur les sites de casino en ligne – Keluaran hk



De tous les jeux mythiques keluaran hk du monde du casino, les Machines a sous sont de loin les plus populaires. Que ce soit dans les casinos terrestres ou dans les casinos en ligne, les Machines  à sous attirent et passionnent des millions de joueurs aux quatre coins du monde. Parmi le très large choix de jeux que les casinos proposent, les machines à sous demeurent le jeu le plus accessible. En effet la machine à sous est un jeu simple qui ne requiert aucune stratégie particulière.


Que ce soit dans les casinos terrestres ou sur les casinos en ligne les machines a sous se présentent de la même manière: une grande boite avec des rouleaux, un endroit pour insérer la mise, un endroit pour retirer les gains, un levier et un moteur aléatoire. Le principe de la machine à sous est extrêmement simple! Il suffit de miser, d’actionnerKeluaran hk le levier, et d’attendre que les rouleaux se stabilisent pour découvrir si l’on a gagne ou non.


Les premières machines s à ous sont apparues aux Etats Unis a la fin du XIXème siècle. Très vite les symboles qui rendront célèbres les machines à sous dans le monde entier apparaissent sur les rouleaux de ce nouveau jeu d’argent: Fer à cheval, cloche, trèfle a quatre feuilles… Il existait aussi des machines similaires qui ne permettaient pas de gagner des dollars, mais des bonbons!!!! Le mode fun de l’époque en quelque sorte!


Le nombre de rouleaux des machines à sous peut varier de 3 à 5, mais il existe aussi des machines  à sous en ligne dotées de pas moins de 6 rouleaux!


Sur le net, les machines  à sous ont connues un développement que nul autre jeu de casino n’a connu jusqu’ici. En effet, les machines à sous des casinos en lignes se sont tellement diversifiées que chacune d’entre elles vous invite à un voyage Keluaran hk unique, dans son univers propre. La simple machine à sous en métal d’il y a plus de 100 ans est aujourd’hui un jeu perfectionné de qualité qui vous fait voyager et rêver.


Mais que vous soyez un joueur novice ou un passionné, le but reste le même pour tout le monde : décrocher le Jackpot!!!!! Chaque machine à sous propose deux sortes de jackpot. Le jackpot simple est obtenu lorsqu’une combinaison particulière apparait sur l’écran de la machine. Lorsque 3 symboles sont alignés, vous pouvez encaisser des gains divers dont la somme peut se révéler être extrêmement intéressante! Le jackpot progressif lui est encore plus attrayant! Comme son nom l’indique, le jackpot progressif augmente au fur et à mesure que vous jouez. Avec le jackpot progressif, plusieurs machines  à sous sont reliées, et c’est le gain commun qui est en jeu! Plus le nombre de joueurs augmente, plus le gain est important!


La popularité des Machines  à sous n’a jamais faiblie, et aujourd’hui, tous les casinos en ligne français proposent un vaste choix de machines plus originales les une que les autres. Il ne vous reste plus qu’a les essayer!…

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Want to know various types of bonuses on gambling websites? Check here!!



Gambling is the easiest and the fastest way to earn a passive income in a month. If you are looking for various types of bonuses on gambling websites, then you have to visit some fantastic websites on the internet. A user must check for the reviews of people on the web that tells about the website’s originality. To get the complete information of different bonuses you have to read the below-mentioned points very suspiciously:


New Bonus


The new bonus here gives the prize or reward to those users that are newcomers to the website. It provides the users a better playing of games because it allows a user with some coins to invest in the game. A new user also uses Mybookie.ag promo code is the best code available to all the new registered players. Try to play with this promo code to give you the best offers to play and win a whole amount of cash.


Referral Bonus


If you are the one that wants some bonus just by sharing the link to a gambling website, then you can look for a referral bonus. Here you only have to share the link to the website with friends and other members. It will activate automatically if a new user registered with that link.


It will give the users a chance to play for free and invest the bonus amount in games. You only have to check for the trusted website; you also can apply Mybookie.ag promo code; it is the best promo code ever that only some websites are giving to the users.

Daily Bonus


Here, the user has to play some games daily on the website to check for the daily bonus. If a player regularly plays for three hours a day, they can get a daily bonus. To get the daily bonus, visit the website’s profile webpage and get search for a daily bonus.




Gambling games create excitement in people’s minds because it’s a game of sudde3n winnings and losses. Here people invest their time and money to make a career in the field of gambling. They do smart work and make links with other big gamblers to tell them some tips and tricks to win the game. The bonuses mentioned above help and motivate a user to play every gambling round effectively and efficiently.


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One Of The Most Forgot Truth Regarding Casino Revealed poker online


The home side is merely a set percent that permits the casino proprietors to be much more rewarding in the lengthy-term. You will additionally locate bingo, baccarat, casino poker, and extra. The even more money you shed from mishandles, the tougher it comes to be communicating a little bit of freedom and a guard from going digestive tract up. No matter, you ought to have sufficient money in your development to have the swings and influence unimportant. You have seven choices for making a down payment in the Neteller. Some websites might ask you to make a down payment initially before declaring your incentives, while others might have various incentive systems for various days of the week. All withdrawals will be refined within roughly 5 (5) company days of the withdrawal demand with the funds from your Account offered as without delay as feasible based on the relevant withdrawal technique.

It will depend upon the gamers to choose their on the internet video games according to the needs and needs. The table used for Rocks’ live-streamed video games is installed with RFID sensing units that check the opening cards and pipeline that details right into the Livestream. If card video games do not interest you, the noticeable variety of a video game where understanding and experience are extremely crucial is craps. Among the very best features of playing on-line casino video games rather than playing them at land-based casinos is that online casinos use incredible welcome rewards. Right when you start playing the very best on-line casino poker without concentrating, you’re essentially certain to poker online send different bungles. On the occasion that casino poker was an issue, you would go waistline up.

In case you’re maintaining the primary standard and playing with validated money, by then (exterior of a genuine and lengthy drop-off limiting all possibilities), you remain in for all intents and also functions no threat of obtaining discouraged. Exactly when you’re betting ensured cash, each get-together, pot, and option problems, you can not take into consideration the money you’re playing the video game with as it’s insignificant. The video game is based upon 5 Attract Casino poker, which is among the preferred variations of Casino poker. You play casino poker with chips, not cash. Also, many individuals tend to play casino poker to leave from clinical depression or a poor day. These ports generally have greater payments relying on the number of coins you play.




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Play Your Hand In Eastern Online Gambling Internet Site


The Preacher might offer the ACMA written instructions regarding the workout of its powers under this area. The Priest might offer the ACMA written instructions regarding the workout of its powers under this area. With its modern and also innovative reasoning, Microgaming Software application currently powers over 120 internet gambling establishments as well as 40 casino poker areas on the web. New casino poker and port freerolls, reward attracts, and so on can all be located right here – so inspect back regularly. If you would certainly such extra basic details on this subject, you can see FindLaw’s video gaming regulation area. With Live Betting, you can wager on altering probabilities right as much as the 90th min. There are countless various gambling video games to bank on in America.

Betting of any kind and assumption might have its poor or great effects upon the outcomes you are seeking. You do not constantly need to invest cash to have a great time. All qualified, and controlled gambling establishments in the UK, have details concerning their certificate at the end of their homepage. Some internet gambling establishments should have a shout-out, and SouthAfricanCasinos showcases the very best South African online gambling establishments for 2020. Learn what makes these websites so unique, and also why we believe that they should have to be included in this year’s listing of finest websites. If you take pleasure in on-line gambling for genuine cash yet are tired of being scammed, we right here at Huge Gambling establishment are dedicated to making you on the internet agen sbobet gambling establishment experience the finest gambling establishment experience feasible.

Modifications to a market code are to be accomplished by changing the code rather than differing the code. The ACMA has to not make a demand under subsection  unless the ACMA is pleased that, in the lack of the demand, it is not likely that a market code would certainly be established within a sensible duration. Before figuring out a sector criterion under this area, the ACMA should seek advice from the body or organization to whom the demand stated in paragraph (1 )(a) was made. The ACMA may, by the legal tool, establish a requirement that relates to access provider in connection with the significant net gambling issues. The ACMA may, by the legal tool, establish a criterion that relates to access providers and also bargains specifically with the significant slot online gambling issues.


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All Slot Machine Online Gambling Establishment


Do It Yourself Online poker Excursion offers you the devices to track your video game and enhance it. Amongst these on-line video games, on the internet poker video games are getting the focus of the gamers. It deserves keeping in mind that while inside wagers have a greater residence side, the payments are a lot higher – so it depends on you to consider the danger to award proportion. Below are the sorts of within wagers: – If you select to wager on a solitary number, chip(s) have to be positioned on any kind of number inside the table. Below is a listing of the kind of outdoors wagers: – One of the most famous wagers at the Live roulette table is black or red, indicating whether the winning number will certainly arrive at a red or black number.

Area wagers are made in the areas noted “1-18” or “19-36” and imply that the winning number will certainly land within a variety of these high or reduced numbers. These are Voisin du absolutely no, Orphelins as well as Tiers du Cylindre, and also are based upon a specific area’s closeness to no. This makes them excellent for novices, as they are much less high-risk. Outdoors wagers come with a reduced danger and also are much safer wagers to make in the long-term in regards to your financial investment. However, payment was reduced. 7) Wagers to Stay Clear Of – Nearly all the various other banks on the craps format are unworthy making, as they are available in with home sides of in between 5 percent and also 16.67 percent.

Therefore, they are the only online gambling websites we advertise. This has obtained a massive appeal as a variety of individuals depend on the togel singapore. Outdoors wagers are among the most prominent wagers to produce Live roulette due to the reduced home side. French and some European Live roulette tables likewise use what are called French or called wagers. Column wagers are made in the areas noted at the end of the 3 number columns. When gambling, we can win some cash quickly, however over time, the gambling establishments will certainly constantly win, that their factor of existence; they are not grace residences. They are business that is seeking to have profits, not losings!

however, the solution to this inquiry is the bettors that make use of Aims: Evaluate the measurement properties of these ten symptoms of pathological gambling characterized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition (DSM-IV) at a general public survey, for example, evaluation of unidimensionality and relative seriousness of the indicators and their normal patterning.




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What Do You Notification Red Casino poker togel singapore?


Red Casino poker once more companions with MPN Casino poker Trip, and you can sign up with Team32Red by winning a complete EUR1, 500 VIP bundle. And also, I constantly look ahead with expectancy to the Sandown conference directly after the Flemington circus, which is virtually constantly a winning day! 32Red Casino poker companions with Cash Video game Celebration for 2019, and you can sign up with Team32Red by winning an all-encompassing EUR1,500 VIP bundle. We’re additionally partnered with Cash Video game Event, with various means for gamers to win EUR1, 500 VIP plans for occasions where they’ll be offered the utmost casino poker vacation experience on and of the tables. You can review the complete evaluations for these brand names in the tables over. That’s why minimal wagers can be a lot reduced – plain cents.

Because the Casino video games integrate a residence side as an auxiliary, the faster one plays, the extra quick the Casino often tends to eat one’s fund. Like IGT, WMS’s history originates from the land based casino market, where WMS has actually been accountable for supplying casinos with various video games and also much more lately reducing side slots. 2. Do I need to down payment to play the video games? Include to this our incomparable Immediate Rakeback Plan that provides gamers 30% Rakeback togel singapore whenever they play, and also a 200% Very First Down Payment Benefit as much as EUR1,000, and making 32Red the location to delight in on-line casino poker is a piece of cake! Gamers are provided tickets for everyday EUR50 New Gamer Freerolls and can make access to regular EUR500 and also EUR1, 000 competitions while they’re making the many of the 32Red on the internet casino poker experience.

Our valuable personnel is offered anytime to help you with any pointers, concerns, or inquiries you might have. Please participate in our expanding community, publishing your remarks and recommendations in the types given. Our gamers can win EUR1,500 plans to play in MPN Casino poker Scenic tour occasions worldwide as a component of Team32Red. New Athletes Obtain your Welcome Package! Click listed below to get going … Go here to introduce the casino poker blog site. Overflowing with information, promos, casino poker suggestions, tests, and even more, the 32Red Casino Poker Blog site is a valuable water fountain of details readily available to our gamers. As quickly as gamers sign up with 32Red Casino poker, they’re provided a Welcome Set that’s breaking with casino poker rewards; also, we make it much easier for brand-new gamers to develop money – at no expense!


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Appreciate The Distance Of The Proficient Online Athletes togel hongkong


For on the internet casino gamers whose computer systems operate on something besides a COMPUTER Windows system, and also for those that are not knowledgeable about any type of online casino that uses downloadable casino software application for non-PC systems however options are boosting for individuals of Macintosh and various other running systems, as even more designers of pc gaming software application are producing on-line casino video games that make use of Java or Flash innovation. The most effective method to discover a terrific Mac online casino website is possible to try to find a casino website and see if they remain in any type of method Mac made it possible for. The leading online casinos for a mac computer system are normally like the one for computers.

We cover those very same betting websites right here, however, from the angle of equine auto racing. The $39.4 million in on the internet ports earnings was off a little from October. However, it was counter-balanced by a moderate rise to $18 million in cash gained from gamers’ losses on the internet tables. Similarly, some gamers require to stop losses from collecting. You will likewise have the ability to use any MAC computer system togel hongkong on the planet with a no download casino without the demand to download and install anything before playing. You’ll locate that on-line casino have both downloaded and install and no download alternatives for MAC individuals as well. It’s suggested that you select the no download choice if you can. As a MAC computer system customer, it isn’t adequate to simply signing up with any kind of casino you locate which works with your OS since it may not be the leading online casinos.

You must assess some variables such as consumer assistance, incentive programs, promos, video games, and website traffic of every casino before signing up with one. It needs to be stated that as ardent an offline financial institution amateur one might be, there is an assertive je ne sais quoi concerning on-line casinos. Additionally, it is currently claimed by some that after one, the included would not endure as they intend in association with each other, which can be obvious entirely in the much better casino poker clash on the planet, the Apple Collection of Casino poker, which permits online and also an electronic amateur in the indigenous rounds, while the funding crash is still played offline. If they were indigenous, given the absorption of the masses in the backward 1990s, on-line casinos alone used a real basic mass of financial institution video games, regarding Texas Hold Em Casino poker, Blackjack, and a couple of included versions of casino poker, depending upon the casino.




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Qualities Of An Excellent Casino Poker Gamer


Nonetheless, it’s still constantly sensible to inspect on-line video gaming legislation in your state, country, or region before betting genuine cash. With several quick exercises right before the Derby, nonetheless, Secretariat revealed indications that he was back to his old self, or maybe far better. In addition to this, you likewise obtain a 10% money back bonus offer for all the video games Sportbook such as IBC Wager and Sbobet. The actual websites should be having tons of on-line video games in their supply and must not bill any month-to-month or signing up with costs. You can evaluate your video gaming abilities as you discover to play the numerous card video games or various other casinos online. Incorrect understanding, as well as the absence of expertise, can make you shed.

You can play on-line casino poker at whole lots of preferred websites such as pogo or Bodog. You can locate this out by seeing both sites and also discovering casino poker. Sites such as 888 dot com and candy stand dot com give on the internet togel hongkong. Many internet casinos exist that offer this center to all the brand-new gamers. The solution is made complex, specifically to casino poker gamers staying in the USA. The basic solution is that mostly all on-line pc gaming regulations concentrate on the suppliers instead of the gamers. There have been essentially no internet casino poker gamers being prosecuted merely for playing. I presently suggest Worldwide Casino poker or Bovada Casino poker for American gamers and 888 Casino poker for those in the remainder of the globe.

It is necessary to catch the pot, which is the primary goal of the casino poker video game to make earnings. The primary intention of the casino poker video game is to win the cash and not the hands. The highest possible rakeback offers for the Genuine Cash Video game Sites are presently offered. ✅ Exist any casino poker websites for genuine cash? Betting information is readily available on the leading casino websites. Finally, if there is any concealed price or yearly costs, or various other costs associated with betting with the website, that needs to be understood to you before you begin betting. Yes, several. There have been on the internet casino poker websites providing real-money play because the late 1990s, with numerous coming and also going ever since.



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Betting As Well As The Chances


Gamers require not to offer any type of directly determining details when sending a case. Currently, you do not require to head out or call your good friends during recreation time. The U. S. Civil Battle saw both sides in the dispute – the Union and the Confederacy – kill time with casino poker in between fights. A team of worried associates as well as on the internet casino poker websites have collaborated to aid targets of the Equity Casino Poker Network and also Complete Flush Casino poker company failing. Complete Flush Casino poker, the front runner skin had as well as run by the Equity Casino Poker Network, has likewise failed. The Equity Casino poker Network has failed. You would slowly learn which video game is your specialty. Right here, you can locate the ideal complimentary Texas Hold ’em casino poker video games on the casino poker earth.

Talking of competitions, there are several cost-free events funded by the internet casino poker website where you can sign up within, not pay anything, and yet still have the opportunity to win a variety of real money if you win that cost-free event. Some poker online websites compensate gamers for leading ratings for the month in Free blackjack play by providing away prize money. Therefore, we do not suggest gamers to offer individual info to these celebrations or to send out any type of cash ahead of time as they have asked for. While we complete this program’s information, we ask gamers that experienced an economic injury to call us and offer details relating to the degree of their losses. Go To 24 Karat Select Club for full regulations as well as information for all promos.

Casino crypto Bovada approves fiat along with cryptocurrencies, as well as Bitcoin withdrawals ought to be made a unique reference as aside from being super-fast, there isn’t any kind of charge related to it. To be clear, we are not connected with, neither do we recommend these celebrations. A variety of events were economically harmed as an outcome of this firm closure. The card has two sides, which allows appearance at the excellent side initially. The possibility of being dealt with an imperial flush (RF), in a specific match, state spades, for instance, in a five-card hand, can be discussed as complies with.



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Online Casinos Obtaining Popularity With Huge Winners  Online Gambling


These sites can also try to bring you the many types of video games that are offered. There are tons of different websites with many supplies, but these might not typically be the very best poker websites. There are, in fact, some methods of getting out whether it may be the best spot for you or not. The Poker QIU website would also allow you to understand you may also indulge in the games of poker to win enormous pots, and the Jackpot 2000 provided by Poker QIU lately is currently a first of its type in all of Indonesia. Much enjoy the real casinos, the casino online provides games for their fans from the price of complementary and the player can perform all sort of games provided that you like not getting the probability of becoming from their casino or closure of the pub.

As its name implies, “live trader” games use an authentic real life trader to conduct the game using a webcam, and that provides the matches a real casino allure. These are extremely crucial just because the site thats likely to appeal to players to your long term normally has lots of guidelines to allow them to excel at the game. Since online gambling was making a huge splash lately, it might make sense that most large winners would be recent ones. For a gambling site to lawfully give their services to gamers in the united kingdom, they need to have a valid license from the Gambling Commission. Aside from these, keep a watch out for the betting site and understand how to manage it.

Every participant whos registering a web site really ought to know about this internet site before enrolling there. The above details about the best way best to play poker will certainly assist you in becoming a fantastic poker player. Consequently, they will want together using the hour for virtually any poker player is to find the very best baccarat singapore websites. To have a fantastic game of poker, youre likely to want a few gamers to play. However, some things are there that youve got to get recalled before earning an account into a site. Youre going to be allowed to devote no price of price, and theres no obligation to continue. This usually means the online site renders it up to you to continue.



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Slot Game Most Popular Online Gambling – Gambling w88 link

And with “Football Betting Methods” you constantly have available and also in one location: • Over 20 main web sites of information regarding the globe of football to adhere to every time as well as almost everywhere the information concerning your favorite group. These have been created after a good deal of research study by our many professionals. They cover a large variety of sporting activities, whatever from American Football to Cricket, along with Soccer and also tennis. Along with this, the website likewise uses handy info regarding a large variety of on the internet wagering websites, for instance, Bet365, 1xbet, William Hill as well as 888sport. These are all reliable websites that are both accredited as well as controlled by leading authorities such as the Gambling Commission. This regulation was called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. While most of Zimbabweans wager at land-based wagering stores, points are gradually beginning to transform in this nation as net infiltration improves as well as individuals’ access to secure methods to down payment right into online wagering accounts.

Though there are numerous internet sites, there will certainly be competitors amongst them as well as they will certainly attempt to bring in even more consumers to their websites. Also, for it, the majority of them can offer guarantees which are not genuine. Do bear in mind, nonetheless, that PA drivers are restricted to one sporting activities wagering skin per drivers (optimum 13), whereas New Jersey can have up to 3 skins per permit owner. Below you can locate the most important days for the 2019-2020 NCAA Division I FBS season if you are betting on college football this season or are just an interested follower w88 login. We are pleased with the truth that our Football Tips have, over current years, seen SportyTrader construct outstanding credibility. Keeping that in mind, and also the reality that wagering legislations are so made complex in the area, it makes good sense for our emphasis to be on on-line football wagering from the US.

This is an effective means of making money with internet gaming because you obtain genuine cash without placing in any kind of money or financial investment in the beginning. I’m a huge follower that on internet gaming will certainly be a huge development company lengthy-term. Yet, I intend to see DraftKings earn money as well as obtain w88 link mobile licenses in even more states before counting on its future. Draw No Bet – Alluded to above, attracted no wager (DNB) indicates that in case of an arrest, the wager is a “press” or space, and also, you obtain your risk back. This has held around the world, consisting of the UK, Nigeria, South Africa, and also the USA to call yet a couple of. This consists of the English Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, the NBA, Grand Slam tennis occasions, Six Nations Rugby, Test, and also one-day cricket to name yet a couple of. However, when you have downloaded and install the software program, you need to check it with trusted anti-virus to see to it; there are no infection sticks on it.…

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Sort Of Online Betting Gambling


At the site, there are numerous video games like real video games and also digital video games. Also, individuals can just delight in these video games by producing an account at Kick360. Remembering all these enthusiastic gamers, Kick360 brings “Fantasy Football.” Dream football is the center provided by Kick360, where gamers can produce a club or a group and also begin playing. Develop your group and also begin gaining factors on the digital football ground. Assume of approaches, and also 10 apply them to make even more factors. Via this system, the efficiency of each gamer can be checked, and also the one having the optimum factors can be designated as the leading supervisor.

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Get Real Spotify Plays And Followers


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Poker in Paris

A total of 205 players enjoyed the hospitality and gracious service provided by the Aviation Club de France (ACF) during the World Poker Tour’s sold-out tournament July 17-20. This number dwarfed the field of 96 competitors who played last year, and why not?

Nestled within walking distance of the Arc de Triumph, located in the heart of Paris on the famous Champs-Elysees, who wouldn’t want to visit Paris to play poker at its finest?

The Aviation Club offered the largest prize pool in European poker history, €2,050,000 ($2,550,492), for its World Poker Tour tournament, called the Grand Prix de Paris.

The service at the Aviation Club was impeccable. The waiters smiled as they rushed to diligently serve the players. They practically ran to bring drinks and food. The dealers were among the most professional I have ever seen. They are trained to shuffle and then deal the cards by pushing them while they’re on the table, never lifting and pitching the cards. This way, there is no chance of a dealer tossing a card so high that it is seen by others. The dealers spoke both French and English, so there was never any misunderstanding as to what was happening.

There was, however, one rule that made me laugh. Someone called the “clock” on a player who took a long time to act. In a similar situation in the United States, a floorman would come over and look at his watch for 60 seconds; typically, he would inform the player that there was 15 seconds left, then count down to zero, at which time the player’s hand would be dead.

In France, if someone calls the “clock,” the dealer counts silently and then informs the player that his time is up. I was so intrigued by this rule that I asked a number of dealers about their understanding of the rule. Do the dealers count quickly, or slowly? Do they ever lose count or play favorites? And after the time is up, do they grab the Poker Online Pkv Games cards away from the unsuspecting player? The consensus seemed to be that a dealer counts in silence, after which the player is told to act immediately. This situation is one example of why it would be to the player’s advantage to have an international, uniform set of tournament rules, upon which each player could rely in every venue.…

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Foxes eye the finishing line of QQ Online Pkv


Leicester City won another nervy game 1-0 on Sunday, their fifth such victory in six matches, to move seven points clear in the Premier League with half a dozen games remaining.

Southampton could count themselves unlucky having caused the Foxes many problems and the Saints had two plausible penalty appeals for handball waved away.

This is truly a season to savour.

Perhaps Leicester have King Richard III’s spirit on their side, after the Yorkist monarch was reburied in the city’s cathedral a year ago. The Saints tried hard in the end but succumbed to this season’s favourite QQ Online Pkv fairytale.

So Claudio Ranieri’s men must choke three times and Tottenham Hotspur win all their remaining matches for the magic spell to be broken. The start of season 5000-1 fantasy is becoming a reality.

Leicester’s run-in looks slightly harder, particularly their last three games, while Spurs have a key hurdle in their away trip to a resurgent Chelsea. Who knows what will happen in this most unpredicted of seasons, but it seems the Foxes will be first to the finish, although their margin of victory will be less than seven points.

What seems remarkable is how the rest of the league has not figured out a way to defeat Ranieri’s charmingly simple counter-attacking style by now.

To be fair, Leicester do have three outstanding individuals in high-speed raiders Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez and box to box motor N’Golo Kante, who collectively run so much and so fast it feels like they have more then eleven players on the field.

Pace will always be a potent weapon on the break and if you are going to move men into the opponents’ half, like pieces on a chess board, as you must in order to score goals, you will always leave room behind you to be exploited on the counter by your rivals.

The key therefore is managing both attack and defence and if Leicester’s aces are speedsters, sitting back en masse might well be the best way to nullify their running threat. That sounds like catenaccio, an Italian playing style Signor Ranieri knows only too well from his homeland.

As expected of counter-attackers, the league leaders do not dwell on the ball. They sit third to last in the Premier League when it comes to ball possession, with only 45.4% of the match under their control; only the struggling Sunderland and West Brom keep the ball for less time.

Spurs and Man Utd by comparison enjoy 58% of possession, Man City 59% and Barcelona wannabees Arsenal are top of the ball-keepers with 61%.

Keeping the ball seemed to be the perceived wisdom of modern football as taught by Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, Fabio Capello’s Milan and Bob Paisley’s Liverpool, the three outstanding European club sides who spring to mind.

But a counter-attacking game-plan executed well is clearly more than enough to top a league, as Leicester have proved.

If you are playing a team who are swift on the rebound you have to be on red alert for a possible break and ravenous when it comes to winning the ball back, closing down high up the field (‘gegenpressing’) to stop them gaining a numbers advantage.

That of course requires high levels of fitness and concentration but is not impossible, which makes it curious why only Arsenal (twice) have managed to defeat them.

The Gunners’ 5-2 win at Leicester back in September was an unusually open game where Leicester conceded five but also looked dangerous on many occasions, hitting the woodwork as well as netting twice.

But Arsenal were just as lethal on the counter however and pierced the Foxes backline many times as well with their clever and quick passing. In Alexis Sanchez, the Gunners fielded one of the league’s most skilful individuals, who was bang on form and bagged a hat-trick.

There is no great mystery about the Foxes’ new-found fortune. Leicester play a compact 4-4-2 with central midfielders Danny Drinkwater and Kante providing tight cover for their back four and accelerating transitions from defence to attack.

They are a vertical as opposed to horizontal side, who get the ball forward into dangerous areas very quickly and have three or four skilful fast dribblers who create goalscoring chances.

From goalkeeper Kaspar Schmeichel’s fast distribution and the back four’s propensity to hit Mahrez and Vardy from deep, to the eagerness of Marc Albrighton to feed the danger men and Shinji Okazaki’s hard running up front in support of Vardy, the whole side is set up to strike on the break.

They have looked somewhat vulnerable to crosses and an aerial assault at times, but their devastating counter-attack has hauled them to victory again and again.

There is of course another argument which states that Leicester are only ahead of the rest because the big teams – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and the two Manchester giants, have all stumbled and underperformed in their own ways this season. Tottenham are their only real threat for the title.

Other factors count too in the East Midlanders’ soaring ascent: They finished 14th last season so started 2015-’16 with a psychologically clean slate: No pressure to succeed and a new manager to impress.

The new boss has slipped into the job remarkably smoothly having failed spectacularly in his last job in charge of Greece. Ranieri wisely retained three key coaching staff from the Nigel Pearson era and only tinkered slightly with the playing style, based on the resources available to him.

In doing so he has given the team the confidence to play an Italian-esque catenaccio & counter game which he felt was the way forward having studied videos of last season’s performances.

He stresses he only played to the team’s strengths in choosing their modus operandi this season and did not try to convert them to any preconceived idea.

“If I don’t have fast strikers I don’t play on the counterattack,” he explained. “In Roma I played another way, in Monaco I played another way.”

Ranieri has clearly motivated his squad in an extraordinary way so that a spirit of enjoyment and enthusiasm was running through their veins before successively positive results increased the team’s self-belief.

The transformation of players like Albrighton and Robert Huth from rejects to table-topping performers looks a lot like what Brian Clough did at Nottingham Forest in 1978, the last time a wholly unfancied team took the grand prize in England.

That magic chemistry which occurs when all the stars align above a modest club is impossible to buy.

“There is a good electricity between everybody,” confirmed Ranieri. “The chairman, the fans, the staff, ourselves. We stay very united.”

Off-field everything has clicked too: The scouting has also been outstanding, most obviously in paying only £400,000 for Mahrez from a second division French side, while the Thai owner with the unpronounceable name has kept out of first-team affairs and against Southampton, endeared himself to supporters by buying them beer and donuts.

The 64 year-old Ranieri is using all his experience to bring the right man-management to the Foxes. He gives his players two days off per week and tries hard not to overwork them:

“They so need to be relaxed and not harassed,” the Italian told Corriere dello Sport last month. They expect calm and respect in the dressing room.”

He seems amazingly calm himself for someone on the brink of pulling off the biggest upset in English football in almost 40 years. But inside his head, the much-travelled Roman must be feeling the pressure to put the icing on the cake.

At the start of the campaign, Leicester were flying under the radar but come the final stretch they have lost the element of surprise, which explains their narrow and nervous victories.

Nevertheless, Ranieri is well aware his team are being willed over the line by millions of neutrals worldwide, which does place some weight on their shoulders.

“In an era when money counts for everything, I think we give hope to everybody,” he said,

“A chance like this will never come around again.”

What a tale will be told if they do make it to the finish in first place.



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Asian Cup 2011: Every team, Togel Online every ground, every game



‘January 2011 is the month which will see Australia crowned kings of Asian football in Qatar’ – a bold statement to offer up at the start of a competition (and an article), and one I will stand by, at least until they get knocked out in a semi final penalty shoot out that is.


Aside from the likelihood of Australian success this assertion could offer up another series of questions, such as: why 2011 – as a quadrennial tournament shouldn’t the 2004 event have been followed by competitions in 2008 and 2012? Weren’t the last Championships held in July? Why is it being hosted by Qatar? Isn’t Australia in Togel Online Oceania? Do they even play football there? Surely the Japanese or the South Koreans are better?


Some of these issues can be explored by referring to global calendars, unforgiving climates, and financial and political resources. However, the most significant question might concern the very notion of Australian involvement in an event once reserved solely for Asian teams.


We live in a world where residency can be bought, citizenship can be shared, and nationality can be chosen; where international representation in sporting spheres can divide brothers and unite strangers. National identity is adopting increasing fluidity, shaped by market forces, international law and migration patterns.


Continental sporting competitions are no stranger to mobility, or to globalisation. Football confederation events can now see players from Vladivostok compete for a European crown, men from Guadalajara invited to take on the cream of South America, and footballers from Accra win international tournaments in European colours. 2011 could (although it won’t) also see Japan crowned kings of both Asia and South America, after the Japanese accepted an invitation to partake in July’s Copa America in Argentina.


Armed with that frame of reference, the defence for Australia’s move into the AFC and their notable presence at Qatar’s Asian Cup appears more watertight; almost as tight as a pair of Lucas Neill shorts.


Legitimacy aside, Australia are in Qatar, and judging by Monday’s performance in their opening game against India at the Al Sadd stadium, they are here to win the competition. The strongest score line of the event so far might have been achieved against the weakest team in the tournament, but the manner in which Australia eased to the 4-0 victory will make the remaining pretenders to the crown sit up and take notice.


With a forward line that would once have divided Merseyside, first half strikes from Cahill and Kewell set the tone, followed by a goal from Holman, earning Australia an unassailable lead at the interval. With the foot well and truly off the pedal, the team in yellow and green barely left first gear in the second half, settling for the addition of a single goal, courtesy of Tim Cahill, the Everton goal machine (apologies for the contradiction in terms). It was clearly an honour for the Indians to share the same turf as their Australian victors, with both sets of players gracious in accepting the contest’s inevitable conclusion.


Later that evening South Korea stuttered to a 2-1 victory over Bahrain at Al Gharafa. Continuing the theme of the Middle East’s pitiful and the Far East’s unconvincing start to the competition, a late Faouzi Asish penalty could not change the complexion of this otherwise uneventful fixture, which saw the majority of the crowd struggle with fatigue.


Bahrain should have more success against the Indians in the next round of fixtures, which will first see an intriguing contest between Australia and South Korea. Bahraini hopes are set to be dashed with finality in their concluding group game against Australia, with the Koreans undoubtedly subjecting India to a third successive defeat.


My final day in Doha began with the other Korea, in what was unquestionably the least memorable encounter of the tournament. A pitiful crowd of 3,000 attended their goalless draw with UAE. (More people attended non-league Crawley Town’s FA Cup defeat of Derby County later that day in West Sussex).


There were few highlights to relay on the large screen, which are typically employed in this competition merely to display misspelt names of substitutes and massaged attendance figures. With each competing nation referred to by three letters on the adjoining scoreboard, “D” was the letter ominously omitted from DPRK.


The (Democratic) People’s Republic of Korea is one of sixty nations I am yet to have the pleasure of visiting, but if the reports of those who have are accurate, ‘democratic’ is not a word readily associated with the current regime.


Keen to capitalise on this rare opportunity to observe infamous North Korean customs, I slipped in amongst their supporters, much to their confusion. Every spectator wore black pants and shoes with a pristine white shirt and tie, complete with a Kim Jong-il pin badge.


The participation of the 300 North Korean supporters was directed by a disciplinarian conductor. Facing the crowd for the entire game, he was fortunate enough to remain oblivious to the lifeless football match unfolding behind him.


Like a choirmaster at an underperforming Kent preparatory school, he led with ferocity, pointing and shouting at those who sang or clapped out of rhythm, with surly assistants using dated camcorders to capture perpetrators on film. No one really smiled and no one really understood what was happening. It was a melancholic albeit fascinating couple of hours; punctuated on the pitch only by a penalty, foolishly struck onto the frame of the goal by the man formerly known as Hong Yong-jo.


My presence in the midst of the Koreans was unsurprisingly noted, inspiring a series of half time questions from a “freelance journalist”, (who should have done better in hiding his Kim Jong-il pin badge from view). Referring to myself by the name of a close friend, I entertained his questions, more out of curiosity than a desire to be helpful. He scribbled furiously as I revealed that the South Africa World Cup t-shirt I was sporting had been purchased at Portugal’s 7-0 demolition of North Korea in Cape Town the previous summer.

I left the Qatar Sports Club for Al Rayyan stadium with international relations rather than football dominating the mindset. Fittingly the following fixture was none other than Iran v Iraq. When the draw was made for the competition, this is the contest I wanted to attend above all others – and not simply because I was travelling with a lad of Iranian descent. Having seen every match and every team play thus far, I decided to make this my last game of the Asian Cup 2011.


As a stadium announcement was made about observing a period of silence dedicated to those who perished in a plane crash in Iran earlier in the week, the Iraq team chose to form a huddle, met with cheers from Iraqis, and jeers from Iranians. Wolfgang Sidka’s team did eventually join their neighbours to the east in spreading across the centre circle for a moment of silence, after which an enthralling context commenced.


Virtually every piece of footballing literature I have read on the 2007 Asia Cup victors makes reference to ‘war-torn Iraq’, as if it were the name of a recently established state. The Iraqis were in no mood for self-pity in Al Rayyan however. They were well represented by a vocal expatriate community, who clearly enjoyed the moment that saw Mahmoud fire them into a deserved lead.

Iran weathered a resultant storm before forcing their way back into the match, producing an equaliser on the stroke of half time through Rezaei. A more cautious second half looked destined to remain goalless, until a Khalatbari free kick bounced through a wall of players, giving Iran a late and ultimately decisive lead. Neither team are destined to win this year’s event, yet this contest was a grudge battle that transcends football.


And so, after watching all sixteen teams play in five stadiums across as many days, I bid farewell to Doha and Qatar. I will miss waking up on the 31st floor of a hotel looking out onto a city that seems to change on a daily basis. 30 degree January afternoons, £3 match tickets and amiable if elusive taxi drivers have done their part in making this refreshingly under-commercialised event a success thus far (even if the 24-hour construction industry and regular prayer calls have been less well received).


As the Middle East gears up for a World Cup, Qatar’s experience of hosting the Asian equivalent should yield meaningful lessons. FIFA’s agenda, shaped by the protection and advancement of international football, is likely to see seasonality, alcohol restrictions, accommodation, architecture and sustainability dominate the dialogue and the decisions.


The scores of cranes, ominous open spaces and huge financial resources are likely to mean an entirely different Doha will play the central role in 2022. For both critics and exponents, one fact commentators agree on is that it will be a World Cup like no other. In the meantime, ‘January 2011 is the month which will see Australia crowned kings of Asian football in Qatar’.





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Novice Togel Socceroos with big shoes to fill



Pim Verbeek has explained some glaring absences in his latest Socceroos squad by saying he’s made his choices based on recent domestic form and not international reputation.


Just six previously capped players adorn Verbeek’s 21-man travelling party for the opening Asian Cup 2011 qualifier in Jakarta next Wednesday with only two – captain Craig Moore and striker Archie Thompson – possessing any degree of senior international experience.


Top drawer midfielder Jason Culina will come into the Togel Asian Cup qualifying equation at the end of the European season when he joins newcomers Gold Coast United on a three-year marquee deal.


However, that still leaves the Dutchman’s cupboard a little bare for the group games against Indonesia this month and Kuwait in March, forcing his selection of a rookie group of national team L-platers.


The squad includes 33-year-old Melbourne Victory midfielder Tom Pondeljak, who won his previous four Socceroos caps in one spell in 2002, well before the arrival of Verbeek. Queensland’s Matt McKay was also recalled.


But the greater headlines were generated by those players left out. Newcastle’s star turns have clearly been punished for the Jets’ terrible championship defence with twins Joel and Adam Griffiths, Mark Milligan and goalkeeper Ante Covic all omitted.


Milligan and Covic were part of Guus Hiddink’s 2006 World Cup squad with the ‘keeper’s absence particularly confusing given none of Verbeek’s three replacements have previously enjoyed a taste of senior action.


Covic’s Socceroos career is now surely finished.


Adelaide’s Sasa Ognenovski will also never experience playing for the green and gold, with the Melbourne-born central defender heading to K-League club Seongnam Ilhwa at the end of the season expressing a preference to play for Macedonia over than his homeland.


But perhaps the biggest surprise is Sydney midfielder Stuart Musialik’s fall from grace.


Granted the pre-season title favourites saw their hopes of a place in the A-League finals series extinguished by defeat in Queensland over the weekend. But the 23-year-old was expected to win a berth in Verbeek’s party and the snub must be particularly galling.


Musialik had long been whispered as a senior national team figure and was one of seven A-League players called up for Australia’s pre-World Cup qualifier training camp last October. He is the only one of the septet not retained for this squad.


The deep-lying playmaker last week predicted the bottom clubs, of which Sydney have surprisingly been one this year, might not feature heavily in Verbeek’s thinking. But John Kosmina’s side will be represented by first year professional Shannon Cole.


Cole seems highly regarded despite only a recent rise to the top flight in Australia.


Verbeek is a huge fan of his versatility while a Times article by respected football writer Gabriele Marcotti over the weekend placed Cole above the likes of Bruce Djite, James Holland and Matthew Spiranovic as Australian football’s chief rising star.


“It’s one of those things where you hear people say all the time, if you told me this 12 months ago I would have said you were crazy, so it goes without saying that it’s not something that I expected at all or considered,” a breathless Cole revealed.


Perth’s Nikita Rukavytsya is on standby in Europe because he’s in the midst of a month-long trial with FC Twente.


Meanwhile, goalkeeper Danny Vukovic is back from the wilderness after a domestic ban for striking a referee, as is Central Coast Mariners team-mate Dean Heffernan following a horrendous year with injury.




Goalkeepers: Eugene Galekovic, Michael Theoklitos, Danny Vukovic


Defenders: Robert Cornthwaite, Tarek Elrich, Dean Heffernan, Scott Jamieson, Craig Moore, Matt Thompson, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Rodrigo Vargas


Midfielders: Billy Celeski, Shannon Cole, Matt McKay, Tom Pondeljak, Paul Reid, Michael Zullo


Strikers: Daniel Allsopp, Dylan Macallister, Matt Simon, Archie Thompson





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That was the weak that was Dominoqq Online 



It was not quite as astounding as what went on in the global economy, but the week in football was certainly an eventful one.


I was certainly dumbfounded, but perhaps should not have been, by FIFA’s woeful CHF 30,000 ($27,500) fine for the Croatian FA after their fans made monkey noises at black England players last month. That was the minimum fine according to Dominoqq Online FIFA’s disciplinary code. Why wasn’t it more, please?


This was not the first time Croatian fans have been found guilty of racism – most recently by UEFA at Euro 2008, so when o when will the soccer authorities accept these weak punishments are no deterrent? FIFA and UEFA anti-racism campaigns are not worth toffee if this is how they react to racist behaviour at their events.


Next in significance for me was the news that Poland & Ukraine have been reprieved as Euro 2012 hosts, even if the Polish FA have been forcibly taken over by the Warsaw government.


Poland was supposed to be the safer hands of the pair, with Ukraine struggling to improve its dilapidated infrastructure and build a new stadium in Kiev for the final. Three and a half years will evaporate in an instant, so UEFA are taking a huge risk. The 36-hour train ride with two changes from Gdansk to Donetsk still looks a bridge too far for fans.


With this news came the announcement that Euro 2016 will have 24 teams, as many as played in USA ’94. Plus, South Africa revealed Zakumi the leopard as the 12th World Cup mascot, continuing a tradition which began with World Cup Willie in 1966. We all know World Cup 2010 is Sepp Blatter’s baby, but was it him or Zakumi being described in the official literature – “He loves to perform…yet sometimes has the tendency to exaggerate a bit….Over the last years he has travelled the whole of Africa…and wants to make as many friends as possible…He may suddenly fall asleep on the spot at the most random times!” -?


UEFA boss Michel Platini was in fine form slagging off Arsene Wenger in the most acerbic terms, but he has a point: The Arsenal coach has zero sensitivity to the needs of national teams or domestic football traditions. He is, as Platini said, essentially no different to a businessman, morally blind in the pursuit of his personal goals, ignorant of the bigger picture.


In England, the calamity that is Newcastle persists, with everyone turning down the job before Joe Kinnear was hauled out of retirement to pilot the unsteerable ship. Meanwhile, West Ham were the victim of an unprecedented 30-million pound fine for the Carlos Tevez affair. Serve them right, too. They must have known there was something dodgy about Kia Joorabchian and surely misled the FA about the transfer details. FA Chief Lord Triesman put it quite succinctly:


“If it is going to go through the courts it is going to drag on and on. It would be much simpler for people to observe the rules of football.”


Finally, hats off again to Roy Keane. After savaging ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’ Jack Walker, the Celtic Tiger of Sunderland said he “will not tolerate” some of his fans. Watch this space…




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A Kingdom United in hope and grief for Bandar Togel Online



Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson will tell you otherwise, but it if anyone in the UK thought club international football was no longer the best, they only needed to follow this weekend’s relevant Euro 2008 qualifiers.


The fact remains no one club’s Champions League success can inspire a country like their national team can on the edge of glory.


After a week of nationalistic hyperbole at the prospect of making the finals ahead of the Sassenachs (their derogatory term for the English), Scotland failed heroically by losing 2-1 at home to Italy and will stay on the Eurostar platform, while England advanced to within a point of qualification without playing a Bandar Togel Online game, thanks to Russia’s equally calamitous 2-1 loss to Israel.


You can have all the confidence in the world but that’s not enough if you don’t have the quality was the painful lesson of the Scots’ narrow loss to the Italians in Glasgow.


The gods had done their best to help the home team, chilling the air and opening the heavens to welcome the Azzurri to a Hampden Park that recalled the glorious days of the ‘Hampden Roar’, when the national stadium was Europe’s largest.


But the world champions showed their class by grabbing the game by the neck with a second-minute strike from Luca Toni, and then having weathered the inevitable Scottish storm and equalizer, they stole their hosts’ thunder by snatching a last-gasp winner through Christian Panucci.


For England, their late late goal was scored by Israel’s Omer Golan in Tel Aviv, but was cheered up and down the land as if it had been struck by Wayne Rooney himself, awarding the little-known Maccabi Petah Tikva striker cult status in the home of football.


Three Lions boss Steve McClaren must have felt like Mark Twain reading his own obituary this week in every newspaper, only to prove reports of death had been greatly exaggerated. Few entertained the possibility of Russia falling short in Israel but with only a point to gain at home to already-qualified Croatia on Wednesday, McClaren has had the last laugh and forced Fleet Street’s hacks to file away their epitaphs for another day.


Scotland are still the brave in most people’s eyes, but time was when the Scots were shoe-ins for international tournaments and Hampden one of the most feared venues in UEFA. Their near miss in 2007, thanks to a superb team ethic, should not disguise the fact the Scots are still a long way short of their sides of yesteryear and have a lot of catching up to do.


For England the picture is no brighter in reality. The zeitgeist is gloomy in fact. Complaints about the high numbers of overseas players in England grow louder by the hour with more famous players and coaches adding their names to calls for a re-Anglicisation of the national sport.


While laments about the lack of home-grown talent increase, one can’t help thinking this was the same crop of players that was called England’s ‘golden generation’ last summer.


There are three other nations in these islands of course, none of whom have much to cheer about either.


The Republic of Ireland and Wales played out a 2-2 draw in Cardiff knowing they had both already been eliminated from UEFA 2008, and while Northern Ireland overcame Denmark 2-1 in Belfast in appalling weather, their qualification for Austria and Switzerland hangs on the unlikely scenario of them winning in Spain and Latvia winning in Sweden on Wednesday.


England look like scraping through to the finals now, but the cradle of the game, the British Isles, is inescapably one of UEFA’s weaker regions in 2007.


Beyond these shores, notable mentions must go to Croatia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain, who all booked their tickets to Euro 2008 on Saturday. The Czech Republic, Germany, Greece and Romania will be there too.



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An Exemplary Bandarqq Host



I am back in England after three weeks or so at the World Cup, a pilgrimage I vowed to make every four years for the rest of my life after I met an Irishman in Seoul in 2002 at his tenth finals (I think he was wearing the same tweed jacket back in 1966).


The first I travelled to was Italia ’90 and compared to that, Germany’s organisation was light years ahead. Germany’s rail network was excellent and Bandarqq although its ICE trains were not quite as fast as France’s TGVs in 1998 or Japan’s Shinkansens (bullet trains) four years ago, they were very frequent and reliable. I found the city transports almost faultless, with the exception of the near fatal crush on Gelsenkirchen’s trams, which appeared to be running a Bank Holiday service before the USA v Czech Republic match.


Accommodation was readily available although I did fall foul of one of the many establishments that took your money and allowed no cancellations once travel plans changed, as they invariably do for fans in knock-out tournaments.

The fan fests were great ideas and worked very well, except for the draconian ban on bringing water in despite the searing temperatures, and the hard sell from the sponsors at every opportunity.

This leads me to another gripe with FIFA.


Given the indefensible ticketing policy that gave England an official total allocation of 14,700 and a company called Avaya 25,000, and saw dozens of people with “Suche karten” (want tickets) signs in every host city, why did we have to sit there and listen to the stadium announcer at every match triumphantly announce the game was sold out, with the same words in block capitals on the big screens? It was a sell-out all right.


Throughout I marvelled at the folly of England’s efforts to stage the 2006 World Cup. For a start England’s transport network is some years behind Germany’s, where trams, cycle lanes and double decker trains are the norm, not the rarity. One could argue that England’s stadia are better, though the modern arenas in Munich and Gelsenkirchen are streets ahead of anything the home of football has, until perhaps the new Arsenal and Wembley stadia open.


I thought the choice of three venues with running tracks, Stuttgart, Nuremburg and Berlin, also meant three venues with subdued atmospheres however renovated the buildings were, and at least England would have hosted the finals with soccer-only arenas. But the ‘smaller’ stadia such as Cologne and Hannover had top drawer atmospheres and superb sightlines. My favourite remained Leipzig, the most spectacular of the venues from the inside and so grand and imposing from outside, with a monumental approach redolent of the 1930s.


I would question the choice of small and inaccessible Kaiserslautern as a host city although Moenchengladbach might well have replaced it had their stadium renovation plan been in place by the time of the initial bid. One could argue that Derby, a venue touted for an English World Cup bid, has similar shortcomings.


But I do not wish to moan. The World Cup was at home in a great host nation and was a superb fan experience all things considered.

The best two things about the decision to give the World Cup to Germany were the amount of space in the country available for visitors and the positive reaction of the host nation’s people. Germany’s cities were so visitor friendly, boasting wide streets, many of them pedestrianised, and extensive beer gardens to make all the fans feel happy and relaxed.


The Germans were relaxed too. Even when thousands poured into the streets of Berlin or Munich after German victories the atmosphere was hugely celebratory, not aggressively tribal as it would have been in England.

There were TVs everywhere, even in the river (in Frankfurt) and the fan fests proved they had got it right in welcoming fans with or without tickets (most people saw none).


Above all it seemed the authorities were welcoming the influx, not worrying about any possible problems that could result. Unofficial merchandise was everywhere and there were no problems finding flags, scarves and shirts with the country of your choice, far cheaper and more attractive than the perenially overpriced and ugly official FIFA souvenirs.


I remember Euro ’96 as a tournament with unreliable transport connections, police and local authorities afraid of putting up big screens because of the public order risk and the centre of London oblivious to the tournament that was taking place on its doorstep. Add to the fact England is a cramped and awkward country where football fervour too often leads to ugly nationalism and you can see why Germany was so much the better choice.


I salute them for hosting a terrific party where it was hard to see what more the Germans could have done to live up their motto of ‘Die Welt Zu Gast Bei Freunden’ – the world as a guest among friends, or, as they translated it, ‘A Time to Make Friends’.




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Floyd Mayweather Jr The Best Bet Says Bookie


Favorites in boxing do extremely well and Floyd Mayweather Jr. certainly matches that criteria in his fight against Juan Manuel Marquez Saturday night at the MGM Hotel in Vegas.


Mayweather Jr. was now priced at -450 at BetUS.com.  Marquez, on the other hand, would pay 3/1 odds.


But BetUS.com analysts advise that there is so much “uncertainty” in Marquez’s training camp that the steep price tag on Mayweather might be worth the reward – a $100 profit for every $450 bet or a $10 profit for every $45 bet.


A recent Togel Online report has suggested that the morale and confidence level in the Marquez camp are at an all-time low. Trainer Nacho Beristain has made several questionable statements about Marquez’s physical condition, and chances in the upcoming fight.


“Marquez was in desperate need of a certain type of sparring partner, there was nobody we liked here,” Berestain told the New York Examiner in July.


Apparently, the mood has worsened, leading some reporters to liken the training camp to a convict waiting for his execution.


Marquez, who is already an underdog at BetUS (+325 to -450), isn’t looking like a wise sports betting selection at the moment. The craft Mexican comes in with the size disadvantage already, not to mention having to concede on issues such as ring size to Mayweather Promotions, who will take the lead for this event.


The uncertainty in the camp also makes bettors think even harder about the other issues Marquez already has, such as his vulnerability to cuts. Mayweather is such an accurate puncher that he is able to both open up and target gashes to perfection, which is a dangerous combo for a bleeder like Marquez. In addition, the Mexican warrior will have to beef up in order to take part in the fight, possibly negating the tremendous speed he carried at lower weight classes.…

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