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Texas House Speaker Opens Door for Casino Debate – Situs Judi Online



Texas house speaker Tom Craddick called on casino supporters asking them to contact their State Legislators in the upcoming 2 weeks. Craddick claimed that lots of people and groups wanted money from the Legislature. Thus, petitions and fundraisers might be an idea for raising those funds and enforcing the requests.


Craddick continued, stating he didn’t “think,” “100 votes were in the House to approve casino gambling” Since a Constitutional Amendment is necessary to approve the casinos with two-third votes required for approval, therefore vote now!


Currently, several forms of casino Situs Judi Online gambling were proposed in Legislation. The forms range from limited Video Poker at Race Tracks to full-blown Las Vegas style casinos with operations in every corner in the State of Texas, still, the Federal Laws deem gambling illegal.


State Comptroller Carole Strayhorn for some time now has pushed for expansion of gambling. Carole estimated that casinos could lead to an additional one billion dollars or more in revenues for the state. What an amazing increase in revenue, which is surprisingly that Legislators haven’t jumped on this deal, especially coming from a greed-based system.


Gambling and gaming in the US, including on the Internet has brought gambling to a new level. After long-drawn-out deliberations, legal gaming has been regulated by the government, while allowing casinos to open their doors, Situs Judi Online including doors to lotteries and games. “Gambling” and “Gamble” is in general terms now applies to germane laws, however today the term “gaming” is utilized to define games played at casinos, excused by the legal regulations. As of yet, no laws are available that legally allows game play at casinos online for monies, except for the exceptions. According to few sources, the foreign neighbors are not required to follow US laws, which sets up new questions.


Contrary to the controversies of gambling online, since the London Stock Exchange made available offers of gambling online, investment is becoming the primary focus. In other words, few authority figures are starting to think of gambling in light of making money verses criminally oriented play.


Furthermore, recent bills including the gaming bill for Indians, has recently passed through the hands of the Texas House. Thus, controversy stemmed from these passing laws, with the Senate stating publicly, now we must “decide Situs Judi Online whether to sacrifice our children for greed and gambling.” Thus, other controversy screamed from the radios with the voices spreading far, “Las Vegas-style casinos” will have “devastating” affect “on our children and communities.” The voices continued, “Where casinos go, crime and corruption always follow.”


With the controversial voices speaking, Situs Judi Online funds and petitions are necessary to open the doors worldwide for casinos online.


With this in mind, I’d like to toss in my own ideas, which includes where alcohol goes, crime and corruption will follow. If alcohol is legal in all states, why is gambling illegal?


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