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The house always wins – Judi Online24jam



The MGM Grand – the largest hotel in the world, with almost 6,000 rooms – is still afflicted with a serious identity problem: it strives to be hip while its customers tend to the trailer-park variety. Gastronomically at least, the Judi Online24jam parts of Vegas that consider themselves hip seem to have solved the all-you-can-eat buffet syndrome: enough of it. Vegas is now importing great chefs such as world number two Alain Ducasse, as well as Thomas Keller, Mario Batali, Julian Serrano – the chef at Bellagio’s Picasso, Vegas’ best restaurant – and even world number one Joel Robuchon, who will be hosting his own atelier at the MGM Grand next year.


Still, some things never change. Tom Jones will be singing Delilah till he’s a century old. The old guard – from the perennial Wayne Newton to the Eagles – performs never-ending comebacks, while the new guard slugs it out in the MGM Grand boxing ring. Blunt forms of Chinese torture like Celine Dion keep attracting masochistic hordes. There’s even some fine art on display – although the hordes may not distinguish a Monet Judi Online24jam at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts from a Manet.


For those who charge their life to their room and plan of escaping to a desert island before the credit card company collects, there’s always that dreamy “whoooosh” of the Bellagio dancing fountains – synchronized to Frank Sinatra or Andrea Bocelli’s Con te Partiro. It takes a planeload of high-tech equipment to make water dance in the Nevada desert, the whole thing housed in the Bellagio’s “Bat Cave”. Curtis Hunton directs a team of 36 engineers through the daily shows – one every half hour until 7 pm and then one Judi Online24jam every 15 minutes until midnight. Nine main compressors supply water, taken through high-pressure air to “dizzying heights”. The air creates the “whoooosh”, while supershooter jets create the “boom”; everything operated from a show control room stuffed with computers and fiber-optic cables.


One can’t stop imagining a similar franchise in Baghdad’s Green Zone: that would seal the end of the insurgency. The Bellagio even collects buckets of money from the lake around the dancing fountains (people dream they may be at the Trevi Fountain in Rome). “But we donate everything to the local Red Cross,” adds a politically-correct Hunton.


Vegas recently discovered the ultra-lounge – such as Tabu in the MGM Grand, self-billed as “one step ahead of the seven deadly sins”. In the Judi Online24jam 1990s, Vegas was heavily sold as a family destination. Not anymore – not in the age of Survivor and Big Brother sleaze. Room service now reaches new heights in Vegas for those who prefer to order two choice blondes, private, in person and totally nude (“direct to your room in 20 minutes or less”), 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and with all major credit cards accepted.



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