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Student 1xbet poker hits new heights

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With poker being so prevalent on TV, the game’s growth on campus is sure to continue.


“I play a lot more now than I used to, probably more than I should!” says university senior Shaun Blum. Shaun plays with his friends at his home game, online and at his local casino card room in Shakopee, Minn.


Shaun is not unique amongst campus card players around the world, infact the amount of time spent by him playing poker is almost the norm these days. The growth in poker’s popularity is almost certainly down to television coverage. Right now, three cable TV networks in America cover poker events.


The game’s popularity is growing rapidly but Blum insists he grew up around poker and only started taking the game more seriously when several of his friends began playing. “We play together a few times a week” says Blum, “The buy-ins range from $5 to $15, so that’s only for fun really. You can make the most money on the Internet because there are really bad players on there,” he said.


Shaun says the most he has won in one night is $400 and the most lost, $150. So without challenging the high 1xbet stake game players, he is comfortable taking a profit from poker to finance his student lifestyle. He goes on to say, “If I ever lose all the money I had in winnings, I’d just quit because that would be really depressing”. For the time being that seems unlikely, as this student, like many others, has a clear grasp of how to profit from poker.



“Poker on the Road” another for the amateurs and beginners


Poker on the Road Recreational Expo and Tournaments

A Texan company, Bledsoe Productions LC of Dallas have announced Reno, Nevada will be the first venue in the series of five “Poker on the Road Recreational Expo and Tournaments” for amateur poker players.


Produced by Dynamic Solutions Group of Carlsbad, California and hosted by the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, the first tournament and expo will take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 2-3, 2005 at the Reno/Sparks Convention Center adjacent to the Atlantis Casino.


According to organisers the “Poker On the Road and Recreational Expo” series will combine an exhilarating competition of No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker with the excitement of a diverse exhibition of today’s latest recreational products.


Over five venues, the tournaments will narrow down thousands of amateur poker players to a table of ten, all vying for the grand prize, a buy into one of the major national poker tournaments.


“I truly believe this will afford the social player an opportunity to use their skills to work their way into a major tournament, one that they might otherwise not have the means to do so,” says David Bledsoe, President of Bledsoe Productions and executive producer of the shows.