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Peeling for Cheri Casino Poker?

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What takes nearly 200 disrobing people from a dozen countries eight hours to complete? Um . . . perhaps, but we tend to focus on poker, here.


The idea of the largest strip Cheri Casino poker tournament to date was initially to be an April Fool’s joke by Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power. These things tend to take on a life of their own, and—subsequently—the folks at the Guiness Book of World Records were invited to oversee the real thing this weekend.


The likelihood of exposure in one’s altogether in the free tournament was no obstacle for the participants; the winner of the Paddy Power World Strip Poker Championship would receive a ‘Golden Fig Leaf’ trophy, US$18,825 cash, a paid US$5,650 buy-in to paddypowerpoker.com’s upcoming 2007 Irish Open, and a mention in the Guiness Book of World Records.


32-year-old John Young took home the fig leaf and the money after stripping bare at the tournament’s end; Paddy Power offered to donate US$18,825 to charity if the last one sitting clothed disrobed. (Source: Reuters)


Given the above, the advent of a World Series of Strip Poker (no relation to the WSOP) should come as no surprise. Sponsored by Pokerbility, the pot is expected to be a healthy half-million dollars. (Source: Gambling911)


Less open to typical Cheri Casino poker players was National Lampoon’s Strip Poker, sponsored by PlayersOnly, the ‘World’s Sexiest Sportsbook.’ National Lampoon refers to the event—held in 2005 in Jamaica—as “Animal House at the poker table.” And they’ve got the DVDs to prove it.


Given the paucity of professional poker players present, the Hold-’em event was remarkably successful as a pay-per-view offering. Perhaps it was the strippers.