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Mid February Roundup

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Happy Pancake Day, you lovely lot.  Apropos of nothing more than an egg, some plain flour and a dash of milk, we thought it time to present another quick roundup of stuff and things music related on the internet.  We know you like to keep your finger on the pulse and we are here to help.

We’ve already established that this is the anniversary of the day the first pancake was tossed back in Nazareth all those years ago, but here in 2012 it also happens to be the night when the British music industry finally rewards Adele for being so lovely by holding the Brit Awards in her honour.  Gossip blog Hecklerspray are celebrating this momentous occasion with a game of Brits Bingo, which sounds jolly fun.  See their website for information on how to play along.

Back in 1982, winner of the best British Album award at the aforementioned ceremony was none other than Adam ‘Prince Charming’ Ant.  Now, thirty years later, he tells the Grauniad his top tips on how to be a successful pop star.

And who is this we see before us, a contender for Ant’s pop throne?  No, it’s Eugene Twist, a Glasgow artist interviewed here on the Kowalskiy blog.  The fact he has an excellent name surely means he is destined for stardom.  Meanwhile Fence Records, no strangers to the world of unusual pseudonyms, have announced the line-up for a new festival in St Andrews. It’s called Eye o the Dug (well, why not) and features King Creosote, KT Tunstall, Errors and Hot Chip amongst many others.

Free music now, because this is the internet generation and nobody is willing to pay for anything anymore.  EdRock.net reports you can now download acoustic tracks played at Edinburgh student radio station Fresh Air from the past two years, here.  Meanwhile The Pop Cop links to a selection of artists from across the globe as part of the ongoing Music Alliance Pact.

Closer to home now, where the Clear Minded Creative (the blogger behind Products of a Gaseous Brain) chats to FOUND and Aidan Moffat about new ways of combining music and storytelling.  What an exciting glimpse into the future, we are sure you will agree.

Less promising future-wise is the news of further Edinburgh venue closures, at Cabaret Voltaire and The Bongo Club.  Nick Mitchell of The Scotsman’s Radar blog looks into the reasons behind this and tries to find a silver lining, here.

But we don’t want to leave on such a depressing note so finally, do you like goths?  Do you like trees?  Well why not visit Goths Up Trees.net.  It does exactly what it says on the tin.  Brilliant.