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About Ten Tracks

  1. Tentracks.co.uk is a unique ‘360 degree’ platform for the marketing and retail of music, which responds to online music listening culture in a way that has not been achieved to date by the major music industry.
  2. Listeners pay just £1 for a compilation of 10 high quality mp3 downloads by emerging artists curated by established DJs, labels and promoters in UK and beyond.

At as little as 10p a track, the price structure is almost but not quite ‘free’.  This is great value for the listener, and means artists are remunerated for their exposure in a way that is not possible from most free downloads, illegal or otherwise.

The tracks are without the restriction of DRM.

We offer a range of involvement to artists, from submitting exclusive or non-exclusive releases, to releasing a series of tracks, to a realistic 360 degree development platform for emerging artists in the thriving music community of Scotland’s central belt.  We also secure valuable exposure for established artists from UK and internationally, to our Scottish gig-going mailing list and wider social network.  At no cost to the artists or our curators.

  1. We do this by charging our listeners the smallest possible price for the music, and giving back more than half of what we make to the people who bring the music to us: the musicians and curators.
  1. There is no external advertising on Ten Tracks.  Instead of spending time sourcing this, we spend our time advertising our own artists, on and off the site, as much as we can:
  2. The tracks are publicised each month via our mailing list of listeners, our social and music-industry networks, and local and national music blogs, press and radio.  The artists involved also cross-promote each other via their social networks, and perform live in innovative Ten Tracks events, which aim to pay artists reasonably, even if they are just starting out.
  3. Artists also have the option of releasing their Ten Tracks track across 350 download sites world-wide, at the going rate for an individual track on these sites.
  1. We also have an events app in development which charts where any of Ten Tracks’ artists with forthcoming live shows can be looked up.
  2. None of this costs our artists.

    Musicians give tentracks.co.uk no ownership rights, and have the freedom to remove their track from the site after its release month.  Only 2 out of 380+ artists have done this so far, at the behest of other labels.

    We understand the benefits of radio-play and commercial broadcast, and do not impede other income streams for musicians.  This is why Ten Tracks is licensed by PRS For Music.

Over time the listener-base will grow, providing significant fees to each band for their work.

Right now we need your support.  How?

Buy some music!

  1. Scotland is a good home in terms of geography and creative community for this new, more economical and honest way of doing music business, and we are looking for partnerships elsewhere in Europe and internationally. If you’d like to work with us, get in touch.